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    Note: The Mailing list is currently on a hiatus, while we prioritise other things.

    Feel free to sign up and we’ll add you to the list for when we resume this service.

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    “What will I get when I sign up?” We hear you cry, well here is a (very vague) description.

    The Newsletter

    Newsletters will be sent as and when we get the chance to write them.
    They will be jam packed with important information about how the site is growing and progressing, what we’ve updated, what we’re planning on updating and anything else we feel we have to communicate with you, our beloved visitors.

    New Post Alerts

    We originally had a system in place that would e-mail you to let you know when a new post had been made or when an article had been significantly modified. Unfortunately, due to an overzealous spam-filter on our e-mail client we are unable to offer this service at the moment, but please let us know if you would be interested in receiving this kind of thing in the future.

    As a replacement we have a Twitter Feed that is updated every time we make a new post and can be found here: The Twitter Page!

    We also have a facebook group that gets updated with every new post and any other bits of news we feel important enough to share with you guys.

    Here is the link to the group: Facebook fan page, so sign in, become a fan and let us know what you think.

    (Apologies if you do not have Facebook or Twitter. You can always add our feed to your RSS reader, or just keep checking our ‘Recent articles’ page.)

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