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    The Smackdown Speedthrough – 26th February 2019


    Hello and welcome to the Smackdown Speedthrough!

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Smackdown Speedthrough feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

    On with the show!

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Daylight Robbery

    Match 1: The Bar Vs. The Hardy Boyz

    Segment 2: Nothing Special

    Match 2: United States Championship Match

    Segment 3: Crown the Queen

    Match 3: Black & Ricochet Vs. Rusev & Nakamura

    Segment 4: A.J Styles Interviewed

    Main Event: Kingston & Owens Vs. Bryan & Rowan

    The Smackdown Speedthrough

    Segment 1

    Daylight Robbery

    Welcome to Smackdown everyone!

    Tonight’s show starts with Stephanie and Shane in the ring, which has been set up for a contract signing.

    Already at the table is Daniel Bryan, accompanied by Rowan.

    Having welcomed everyone to the show, The McMahons claimed tonight’s signing would be ‘historic’, and Steph introduced Daniel by pointing out he was sitting in a lovely leather chair.

    Shane talked up Kofi Kingston, claiming he was an ‘overnight sensation’ over the last 11 years (which I think Steph quickly realised didn’t make sense), then showed clips of Kofi’s debut, his Royal Rumble antics, becoming IC and US Champion and his involvement in The New Day.

    Shane said Kofi had been overlooked, but no longer.

    Steph said Kofi had somewhat fortuitously found himself in a gauntlet match that saw him impress the world and beat the WWE Champion, then went on to impress once again in the Elimination Chamber.

    Steph rubbed salt in DB’s wounds some more, pointing out that he had lost to Kofi yet again last week on Smackdown.

    Finally they brought Kofi to the ring, accompanied by The New Day.

    Shane said for the first time ever Kofi would fight for the World Heavyweight Championship, but that’s not STRICTLY true, he competed in the 2016 Royal Rumble which was for the title, but I’m nitpicking.

    Kofi said it had taken 11 years, but finally he was getting the shot he deserved and he’d do what everyone wanted him to do; beat Daniel Bryan for the title.

    Bryan signed the contract, but just as Kofi was about to put pen to paper Vince McMahon’s music hit and he walked out from the back.

    Vince said he wanted to tell Kofi personally how much he appreciated what he had done over the past 11 years… however… it was his duty to give the fans the highest caliber competition he could, the biggest box office he could… so he was replacing him.

    McMahon said he’d found someone more deserving and more qualified; Kevin Owens.

    Owens walked down to the ring and took Kofi’s seat at the contract table.

    The New Day ranted but Kofi just stayed quiet, looking dejected at what had just happened.

    Eventually The New Day left the ring, still kicking off as they headed up the ramp to the back.

    After commercials Owens spoke to Shane and Steph backstage.

    Steph asked him how long he had known, but Owens said it didn’t matter he was just happy Vince had finally recognised how much he meant to the company.

    Owens said he felt for Kofi and he would be upset too in his position, but quickly moved on and asked if they had seen the smug look on Bryan and Rowan’s faces.

    Owens said he realised he was already in a privileged position but he’d like to team with the man who was every bit as deserving as he was to go after the title, Kofi Kingston, to take on Bryan and Rowan tonight.

    Steph said they’d take it under consideration.

    Match 1

    Tag Team Match
    The Bar
    The Hardy Boyz

    Wow, I didn’t expect this, Matt had retired as far as I was aware.

    I wonder if Matt is still doing his Woken gimmick? He still did the ‘Delete’ thing, but he also did a lot of the old Hardys stuff and had normal gear on.

    Matt and Jeff picked up a fairly easy win, ending things with the Twist of Fate/Swanton Combo.

    The Hardy Boyz win by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Nothing Special

    Backstage Ricochet and Aleister Black talked about tagging together tonight when Lana interrupted them.

    Speaking without a Russian accent, she said there was nothing special about the pair of them and they certainly weren’t former US Champions like their opponents tonight.

    Ricochet said he liked it when people said he was nothing special as he could prove them wrong, and Rusev couldn’t crush what he couldn’t catch.

    Black said much the same, claiming her husband and his partner would fade to black.

    After commercials it was announced that Honky Tonk Man would be inducted into the Hall of Fame, accompanied by a video package of some of his best promos.

    Back in the arena R-Truth issued an open challenge for his US Championship and Andrade headed out from the back to accept.

    However before the bout could start Rey Mysterio jumped Andrade on the outside and made it to the ring first.

    Truth said he didn’t know who to face and wondered what John Cena would do…

    Carmella said Cena would face both, and eventually Truth agreed.

    Match 2

    United States Championship Triple Threat Match
    R-Truth (c)
    Rey Mysterio
    (w/Zelina Vega)

    This one was fast paced, which is surprising given two of the 3 men are WELL into their 40′s.

    Truth ended up retaining his belt by rolling Mysterio up while Andrade recovered on the outside.

    After the match Andrade tried to jump Mysterio, but Rey avoided it and nearly hit a 619 of his own before his rival fled to the back.

    R-Truth wins by Pinfall and retains the United States Championship.

    Segment 3

    Crown the Queen

    Charlotte headed to the ring next while we saw videos of what happened on Raw with Becky Lynch.

    Charlotte said Kevin Owens being put into the title match tonight was huge… almost as huge as when Vince did the same thing with her to save the WrestleMania Main Event.

    Charlotte claimed McMahon had put her in the Main Event because she knew her lane and she stayed in it, unlike the criminal Becky Lynch and the quitter Ronda Rousey.

    Flair said she did everything she was asked and always delivered, making her the gold standard in the WWE.

    She said Becky had got arrested and Ronda had given up the title because they feared HER.

    After another video of Ronda laying down the belt, Charlotte said she was going to Raw on Monday to be crowned Champion.

    Match 3

    Tag Team Match
    Aleister Black & Ricochet
    Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

    Another big win for the ‘rookies’, which Rusev continually called them during the action.

    It was enjoyable enough but not their best since moving up to the main shows.

    Wade Barrett wins by Pinfall and retains the Intercontinental Championship.

    Segment 4

    A.J Styles Interviewed

    Backstage Kayla spoke to A.J Styles.

    Before she could answer a question Styles said he was happy Reigns had got the all clear.

    Moving on Kayla said people were claiming A.J was in a slump, and asked what he could do in his next match turn it around.

    A.J admitted he hadn’t been at his best, and was partly at fault for the rise of Daniel Bryan, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop trying.

    He vowed to step it up and keep fighting to prove his critics wrong because this was the house that A.J Styles Built.

    Randy Orton stepped into frame and questioned A.J’s final statement.

    Lacey Evans made her way to the ring next… then straight back up the ramp.

    Main Event Match

    Tag Team Match
    Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens
    Daniel Bryan & Rowan

    Owens looked sharp for someone who had been out for almost a year.

    Bryan hasn’t exactly had the best run of form since winning the title and that continued here.

    He kicked out of a Popup Powerbomb, and Rowans stopped Owens following up with a Frog Splash.

    However, Kofi and Owens took out Rowan, then KO hit a Stunner for the 1..2..3.

    Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens win by Pinfall. Advertising

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