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    The Smackdown Speedthrough – 19th February 2019


    Hello and welcome to the Smackdown Speedthrough!

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Smackdown Speedthrough feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

    On with the show!

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Make Amends

    Match 1: Aleister Black Vs.

    Segment 2: Gargano & Ciampa Interviewed

    Match 2: The Bar Vs. Ciampa & Gargano

    Segment 3: Asuka Interviewed

    Match 3: Asuka Vs. Mandy Rose

    Match 4: Ricochet Vs. Eric Young

    Main Event: Kingston, Hardy & Styles Vs. Joe, Bryan & Orton

    The Smackdown Speedthrough

    Segment 1

    Making Amends

    Welcome to Smackdown everyone.

    Tonight’s show kicked off with Shane McMahon, and the first thing he did was to sing the praises of the NXT guys that appeared on Raw last night.

    Shane said they’d impressed him so much they were going to be on the show tonight too… and a whole lot more.

    The Miz interrupted.

    He apologised to Shane for interrupting but said he hadn’t slept for two days and he had to get this off his chest.

    Miz said he’d lost the titles on Sunday and he couldn’t shake the guilt.

    Miz said Shane too the chance on him despite his reputation, all because of an emotional plea he’d made and admitted he had used Shane, by playing to his knowledge that Shane wanted to impress his dad too. This sounds like he turned, but that wasn’t how it was done, Miz was sincere.

    Miz said he prided himself on making any title he had as prestigious as possible, and then he heard it was Shane’s dream to hold the tag titles.

    Miz talked about when Shane brought his father to the ring and the fans chanted Mr. Miz, and how it was the first time his dad had ever told him he was proud of him.

    Miz said that was the best day of his career, then on Sunday at Elimination Chamber he let his partner down, so he pleaded with Shane to book them a re-match even though there were no automatic re-match clauses, and the fans got behind it.

    The Usos interrupted.

    They said if Shane just forgave his partner they’d give them one more shot at the titles.

    Jimmy said there was one reason Shane didn’t want to take the match though… because Miz was a joke.

    Jey said MIz was a loser, a joke, a failure, a fraud…

    They told Shane to find a more worthy partner but Shane cut in.

    He told them to not disrespect his partner, and that the re-match was on for Fast Lane in Miz’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Match 1

    Singles Match
    Aleister Black

    Interesting, I thought they’d feed Black someone more established that wouldn’t be damaged so much by a loss.

    These guys have NXT history though, so I guess that’s why we’re throwing Andrade under the bus.

    After a decent match Black hit the Black Mask for the 1..2..3.

    The Miz wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Gargano & Ciampa Interviewed

    Backstage Gargano and Ciampa watched on, impressed.

    Kayla asked them if they could keep up with the hype they had created on Raw.

    Ciampa said he understood some people wouldn’t be familiar with them, but they’d been doing what they did on Raw for months on NXT, they’d earned their gold and they’d show that tonight.

    The Bar turned up in gherish purple outfits and told them nobody knew, or cared who they were.

    Ciampa said they’d come to break the bar.

    Elsewhere A.J, Jeff and Kofi got on the same page ahead of a 6-Man Tag tonight.

    Kofi offered up a literal olive branch covered in pancakes.

    Match 2

    Tag Team Match
    The Bar
    Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

    This is more what I expected for the opening match, an opponent that is established enough to take the loss without suffering, but also someone who isn’t so dominant that it comes across as a 1-2-3 Kid type situation.

    Ciampa badly botched a Sunset Flip Powerbomb in the corner, which saw ALL of Sheamus’ weight crash down on his knee, which popped out sideways.

    He tagged Gargano in and he carried the match from there on out, tagging Ciampa in at the end to roll Cesaro up for the win.

    Hopefully his knee is OK.

    Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano win by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Asuka Interviewed

    Kayla interviewed Asuka next, if that’s what you can call it.

    Kayla ran through Asuka’s accolades, then said everyone seemed to be talking about Raw’s Championship and not hers.

    Asuka shouted that she was ready for a new challenge, pointing out she beat Becky and Charlotte at TLC, then tapped Becky out at The Rumble.

    Mandy Rose interrupted.

    Mandy called herself Gods Greatest Creation, and the most talked about Superstar in WWE, then said if anyone was ready for Asuka it was her.

    Match 3

    Singles Match
    Mandy Rose
    (w/Sonya Deville)

    Moments into this match Lacey Evans music hit and she walked out from the back, down the ramp and then back up again.

    The distraction allowed Mandy to take advantage, but it was too early in the match to have a massive effect.

    Mandy feigned an eye injury toward the end of the match, then capitalised and rolled Asuka up for the 3.

    Big win for Rose.

    Backstage an announce I’ve never seen before spoke to Charlotte Flair.

    She asked Flair if Becky was going to haunt her all the way to WrestleMania.

    Charlotte said haunt was a good word to use as Becky was a ghost, suspended for 60 days and therefore didn’t exist.

    Charlotte said if Becky showed up again she would be thrown in jail.

    Elsewhere Miz and Shane spoke backstage.

    Miz thanked Shane for believing in him, and revealed his father would be at ringside come Fast Lane.

    Mandy Rose wins by Pinfall.

    Match 4

    Singles Match
    Eric Young

    Another big win for Ricochet.

    Boy did they completely ruin SAnitY, these guys were a powerhouse on NXT, now they’re either absent or getting jobbed out.

    Ricochet wins by Pinfall.

    Main Event Match

    Tag Team Match
    Kofi Kingston, A.J Styles & Jeff Hardy
    (w/The New Day)
    Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe

    Backstage Kayla spoke to New Day about how he ‘stole the hearts’ of the fans on Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

    Xavier and Big E pointed out that this had been 11 years in the making not just 7 days, and pointed out some things that didn’t exist when Kofi made his debut (Instagram as an example.)

    Kofi said it was his partners that made it all possible and they’d continue with the momentum.

    On his way to the ring Bryan had a pop at the crowd, claiming they wanted to will the title away from him.

    He said he had survived despite the odds, because he served a higher purpose; to enlighten and educate.

    Bryan revealed his opponent at Fast Lane would be… none of the men in the ring tonight because he defeated all of them inside the Elimination Chamber.

    Great main event, everyone got a chance to shine.

    In the end we saw Kofi Kingston pick up the 1..2..3 over Daniel Bryan.

    As soon as the match had ended Shane walked out onto the ramp.

    He revealed that Bryan would be defending his title against… Kofi Kingston!!

    Kofi Kingston, A.J Styles & Jeff Hardy win by Pinfall. Advertising

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