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    The Smackdown Speedthrough – 12th March 2019


    Hello and welcome to the Smackdown Speedthrough!

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Smackdown Speedthrough feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

    On with the show!

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Why Shane, Why?

    Match 1: 8-Man Tag Team Match

    Segment 2: Different Paths

    Match 2: Sonya Deville Vs. Asuka

    Segment 3: WrestleMania Bound

    Match 3: Mysterio & Truth Vs. Joe & Andrade

    Closing Segment: WrestleMania Opportunity

    Main Event: Owens & Ali Vs. Bryan & Rowan

    The Smackdown Speedthrough

    Segment 1

    Why Shane, Why?

    Welcome to Smackdown everyone!

    The McMahon men have a lot of ‘splainin to do tonight, and out first is the younger of the two; Shane McMahon.

    He made his way to the ring where the ‘Best in the World’ trophy had been set up on a velvet coated table.

    The fans booed Shane and chanted ‘You Suck’ as he paced around the ring waiting to speak.

    McMahon called the ring announcer into the squared circle and made him perform another introduction declaring Shane McMahon as the Best in the World, before pinning him in the corner and demanding he say it like he meant it.

    Shane demanded a third attempt with conviction, and every time it riled the fans up just a little more.

    Getting to the explanation, Shane said he had just become ‘sick of it’, sick of people using him to further their own career or life, but that all stopped on Sunday when he beat the crap out of The Miz in his own hometown.

    Shane explained that he wasn’t the Best in the World because he won the tournament, or won the Tag Titles… but because he was born that way, so he was going to start looking out for number 1.

    Shane said the best thing about Sunday was choking out The Miz in front of his baked potato-faced father, and that had triggered a spark in him that wasn’t going to go away, so everyone just had to get used to it.

    Shane said at the end of the day Miz worked for him, and he had so much fun beating Miz’s ass he was going to carry it on at WrestleMania where they’d go one on one.

    McMahon wrapped up by telling Miz to get ready for another ‘Best in the World Beating’ and claimed  it was going to feel… ‘AWESOME’.

    Match 1

    Singles Match
    Black, Ricochet & The Hardy Boyz
    The Bar, Rusev & Nakamura

    I’m enjoying Black and Richochet’s work, but having them on both brands every single week is running the risk of over-saturating things.

    They need to pick a brand for these guys and stick to it.

    It’s hard to tell which Matt Hardy we’re getting these days,, it’s like he’s some weird amalgam of all his previous gimmicks.

    He’s dressed like a Hardy Boy, he’s got the white streak of Broken Matt and keeps shouting delete, and every so often he throws up the Matt Hardy Version 1 hand sign.

    I’d personally like to see him do more of the Broken/Woken stuff as we didn’t get to see the best of that in the WWE, but I don’t think it’s going to happen now.

    For an 8-Man this was a good match, the end of the bout saw everything break down completely, with Finishers flying all over the place.

    Jeff almost got the win with a Swanton on Cesaro, but his whole team broke it up.

    As everyone brawled The New Day headed down the ramp and they annihilated everyone, cleaning house.

    Although they did attack The Hardyz, Richochet and Black, they spent far longer beating the crap out of Rusev and Cesaro.

    Match ends in a No Contest.

    Segment 2

    Different Paths

    Back in the depths of the Building The Usos talked about their potential opponents for WrestleMania.

    They ran through everyone, making out none were worthy but laying down the challenge none the less.

    Randy Orton made his way to the ring next.

    I feel a bit bad for Orton. He came up at the same time as Cena, arguably more talent (at least in the ring), similar accomplishments but for some reason he just doesn’t seem to be on the same playing field now they are both part-timers.

    Anyway, Orton said he had to get something off his chest about A.J Styles.

    Orton explained that while he was making his in-ring debut, A.J was earning 10 bucks a night on the indy scene.

    He went on, pinpointing moments in their careers where he had been far more successful than A.J.

    Orton said he’d laid the foundations years before A.J even stepped foot in a WWE ring, making this the ‘House That Randy Orton Built’.

    A.J headed out to the ring.

    He said for someone who hated the indy scene he had certainly followed his career closely.

    A.J said Orton couldn’t have cut it in his world, not with his poses and a ripped off Diamond Cutter.

    Orton questioned whether A.J’s Indy pals had ever ripped something off, throwing up a clique hand sign.

    A.J said Orton was surrounded by his little indy pals now, and they’d earned the right to be there, they didn’t just go to their dad for a job.

    A.J continued, saying Orton had help from Evolution just to make sure he didn’t fail.

    Orton said he’d accomplished more by the age of 24 than the indy guys could even dream of, reeling off a list of his accomplishments.

    Orton said he hadn’t needed help from anyone, but A.J reeled off a number of groups he’d been in; Evolution, Legacy, Rated RKO, The Wyatt Family.

    A.J said he wouldn’t be Orton’s next victim, but Orton said he didn’t get to choose.

    Orton said he was the landlord of the WWE, and if A.J wanted to keep renting out his room then rent was due.

    A.J challenged Orton to a match at WrestleMania and the pair posed for the obligatory publicity shot with the logo in the background.

    Match 2

    Singles Match
    Sonya Deville
    (w/Mandy Rose)

    This was a decent match, and Sonya actually had the better of a lot of it.

    The end of the match ended similarly to at Fast Lane for Mandy.

    Sonya stood on the apron and pushed Asuka away, when Mandy who had been floored, used the apron skirt to pull herself up.

    This dragged Sonya’s foot out from under her and she fell.

    Asuka took advantage and applied the Asuka Lock for the win.

    As Mandy and Sonya left they had words at the bottom of the ramp and walked away separately.

    Asuka wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    WrestleMania Bound

    The IIconics appeared on the titantron next.

    They said Bayley and Sasha had been dodging them for weeks, and once again the champs weren’t at Smackdown.

    The pair told Sasha and Bayley their future was on Smackdown… and it would be IIconic.

    Becky Lynch hobbled her way down to the ring next, choosing to toss away her crutch despite clearly needing it.

    After a huge recap video from Fast Lane and Raw, Becky said it felt good to walk down the ramp on her own two feet.

    Becky did us a favour and recapped the last 2 months, claiming she had played Ronda Rousey like a fiddle in order to get back into the match she had already earned the right to be in.

    Becky said it was difficult to play mind games with someone who was brainless, but she’d still managed to manipulate Rousey into getting her back into the title match at Mania, and she’d repay her by taking her title and ripping her arm off on the Grandest Stage of them All.

    Charlotte interrupted.

    Flair claimed she had been putting in all the work over the past few months while Becky had managed to stay out of the ring by any means necessary.

    Charlotte said the fans supported Becky because they felt sorry for her, just like she had felt sorry for her when they were friends, and how Ronda had felt sorry for her at Fast Lane.

    Charlotte said she’d never seen someone claim so much while doing so little, so at Mania she’d have to show them how it was done.

    Becky said Charlotte had the division for the past 4 year and did nothing with it, but as soon as she showed up they were Main Eventing Mania.

    Oh she called her a plastic-faced dope as well.

    Backstage Kayla spoke to Daniel Bryan and Rowan who emerged from The McMahon’s office.

    Bryan said they’d been having a discussion, and when pressed revealed the conversation had been about Kofi Kingston.

    He also revealed McMahon had put he and Rowan in a tag match against Owens and Ali later tonight.

    Match 3

    Tag Team Match
    Rey Mysterio & R-Truth
    Samoa Joe & Andrade
    (w/Zelina Vega)

    Another good match from these 4 guys.

    Msyterio ended up getting a pinfall over Joe with a roll-up against the run of the match.

    After the bell Joe took his loss out on Truth AND Andrade, hitting them both with Sambo Suplexes.

    Rey Mysterio & R-Truth win by Pinfall.

    Main Event Match

    Tag Team Match
    Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali
    Daniel Bryan & Rowan

    This match suffered by not being as fluent as the one before it.

    The end of the match saw Rowan take out Owens on the outside, then tag in and hit Ali with his Facepalm Chokeslam, which is apparently called the Iron Claw.

    Daniel Bryan & Rowan win by Pinfall.

    Closing Segment

    WrestleMania Opportunity

    Vince McMahon made his way to the ring as Bryan and Rowan left.

    After commercials McMahon said he was there tonight to give the fans and Kofi Kingston what they wanted.

    He said he was about to give Kofi Kingston the chance to go to WrestleMania and fight for the WWE Championship.

    McMahon showed a highlights package from Fast Lane, then said Kofi had heard what he wanted to hear.

    McMahon said he’d given Kofi the opportunity to fight at Fast Lane, but he’d failed.

    Vince told everyone to listen good, because everything he did was a ‘teachable moment’.

    The New Day interrupted him.

    Big E said they weren’t in the mood to be taught anything tonight and Xavier said they were sick of holding their tongue.

    They said they had done EVERYTHING asked of them, never threatened to quit, and still got treated like garbage.

    Big E said Kofi had worked hard for 11 years, and he deserved better.

    McMahon said Kofi didn’t deserve a damn thing, neither did the rest of them, the fans… Vince said even HE didn’t deserve a thing and he’d created Raw and Smackdown.

    Xavier said Kofi had EARNED a title match, and Big E said the fans wanted one thing; that Kofi be given the opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship.

    McMahon said he’d known Kofi a long time, and he was a pretty good judge of talent… and if Kofi was deserving of a WWE Championship match… he’d have had one by now.

    Vince said Kofi had done amazing things, and one day he’d be in the Hall of Fame… but only as a part of The New Day not on his own.

    McMahon said at Kofi’s age he’d surrounded himself with ‘two young bucks’ who did all the work while he took all the glory, and that was fine, but Kingston just wasn’t Championship material.

    Vince said Daniel Bryan had hit the nail on the head earlier on when they talked in private. Bryan said Kofi was brilliant, but he was a B+ Player.

    Kofi said he wasn’t asking for a free ride or demanding a match for the title, he had a blessed life and he was thankful for it, but he thought over the last 11 years he’d proven many times over he was worthy… but Vince didn’t see it that way.

    Kofi said he never complained about anything, when people Vince deemed more worthy got handed shots, when he was required to be in the WWE ring rather than with his family.

    Kofi said he’d never been Trick or Treating with his kids, his son had lost his first tooth last week and he didn’t see the look on his face when he got his money from the Tooth Fairy because he was in the ring.

    Kofi said he’d never complained when he’d been overlooked for a shot and he wasn’t now, he just needed Vince to tell him what he needed to do to get a shot.

    Randy Orton walked out from the back and Vince said all Kofi had to do was beat him… and Samoa Joe… and The Bar… and Rowan.

    Next week Kofi just has to win a gauntlet match and he gets a title shot at Mania.

    Kofi’s opponents hit the ring and a brawl ensued.

    The New Day managed to fight them all off and clean house as the show came to a close. Advertising

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