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    The Smackdown Speedthrough – 11th December 2018


    Hello and welcome to the Smackdown Speedthrough!

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Smackdown Speedthrough feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

    On with the show!

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Strange Opening

    Match 1: Daniel Bryan Vs. Mustafa Ali

    Segment 2: Smackdown’s Second Rap Battle

    Match 2: The Miz & Shane McMahon Vs. The Vegas Boys

    Segment 3: Not Paying Up

    Match 3: Rusev & Hardy Vs. Nakamura & Joe

    Segment 4: Losing It

    Main Event: Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka

    The Smackdown Speedthrough

    Segment 1

    Strange Opening

    Welcome to Smackdown everyone!

    Daniel Bryan headed out to the ring to kick off the show… but before I get to that… did you know we had a competition running for Christmas?!

    The lovely people over at Danilo have given us some WWE Calendars to give away!

    Check out our Christmas Presents page for more info on how to enter!

    Bryan said he called the audience sheep last week and he had come out tonight to apologise… to the sheep.

    Bryan said the sheep weren’t damaging the environment through their own selfish actions, and the fans were actually more like parasites.

    Fickle parasites who took and took and took without giving anything in return.

    Bryan talked about how the fans had lived vicariously through the old Bryan and the YES Movement, but said both were dead.

    Bryan said just like any other parasite the fans had moved on to the next fad; A.J Styles.

    Bryan said he’d crush A.J at TLC and retain his title.

    The fans gave him some crap, so Bryan said he often discussed with his friend William Gattis (no idea who that is) whether the fans were genuinely stupid or if they pulled the wool over their own eyes so they could ignore what was going on.

    Mustafa Ali interrupted him.

    Bryan said he knew who Ali was and admitted he was an incredible performer who he saw a lot of himself in.

    Bryan tried to weasel his way out of the scheduled match by saying the fickle fans didn’t deserve to see the two of them wrestle.

    Ali said he wanted a fight, playing the generic babyface to a tee by getting the fans on side.

    Bryan asked Ali what kind of car he drove, and the puzzled 205 Live’r said he drove a SUV.

    Bryan asked why such a small little man would need to ride in an SUV.

    Ali started to say it was because of his family, but Bryan slapped him and called him ignorant.

    Ali regained control and dumped him from the ring as we went to commercials.

    Boy that was a weird opening segment.

    Match 1

    Singles Match
    Daniel Bryan
    Mustafa Ali

    This match was odd too because Ali held his own for large parts of it when really this should have been a squash.

    Ali isn’t a big name, even when the Cruisers were on Raw he was only a bit-part player.

    I don’t get why he is on Smackdown either, Cruisers don’t have a ‘deal’ with Smackdown do they?

    Anyway, Ali came close, but Bryan applied the Heel Hook for the win.

    After the match Bryan jumped Ali on the ramp and re-applied the hold to add a bit more punishment.

    Daniel Bryan wins by Submission.

    Segment 2

    Smackdown’s 2nd Rap Battle

    So after the quite frankly baffling success of the last rap battle between The Usos and The New Day, we have another here tonight.

    Except this time The New Day are hosting, and The Usos are facing… The Bar.

    Oh dear…

    The Bar came dressed as… well I don’t know what, rappers I assume.

    Ice Ice Sheamy and Cesaro delivered a weird version of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, in case you didn’t get the awful pun.

    Big E gave them a ‘Garbage pail out of 10′.

    The Usos were better… but not by much especially compared to the last one.

    The Bar tried to attack but The Usos dumped them out of the ring.

    The New Day and The Usos squared off, allowing Sheamus and Cesaro to recover.

    The Champs returned to the ring and decimated everyone, standing tall with the titles.

    After commercials Miz hit the ring with the Best in the World trophy.

    Miz said he knew it was Shane’s week with the trophy but he wasn’t handing it back over until Shane joined him in the ring because they needed to talk.

    Shane joined Miz in the ring and asked if he was OK as he had been acting strange recently.

    Miz kept going on about how he and Shane could be a fantastic tag team, then brought a referee and some opponents to the ring.

    Match 2

    Tag Team Match
    The Miz & Shane McMahon
    The Vegas Boys

    Shane wanted no part of the match, but ‘Chip and Chad’ jumped him, meaning McMahon had to fight back.

    Shane tapped one of them out with a Leg Scissors around the neck, but he didn’t look too happy with Miz for putting him in that situation.

    Shane McMahon & The Miz win by Submission.

    Segment 3

    Not Paying Up

    After commercials Paige went crazy at the referee who officiated the match.

    The official told Paige Miz had told him the match was sanctioned.

    The Vegas Boys showed up too and handed their invoices over for 5k each which Miz had promised them.

    Paige tore them up and kicked everyone out of her office.

    Randy Orton headed out to the ring and talked about his rivalry with Rey Mysterio to this point, showing footage of him beating Rey up two weeks in a row.

    Orton continued to talk about how dangerous he was, and how he was perplexed that Mysterio would want to face him at TLC given how devastating he knows he is.

    Mysterio attacked Orton with the chair and sent Orton fleeing from the ring, adding a little bit of balance before the PPV.

    Backstage Becky Lynch got pulled aside for an interview.

    Kayla asked her if it would be an advantage if Asuka and Charlotte took each other out tonight in the Main Event.

    Becky said she had to road-test her damaged face in one of the most dangerous WWE bouts available, so there was no advantage but she loved that her opponents would take each other on tonight.

    Match 3

    Tag Team Match
    Rusev & Jeff Hardy
    Shinsuke Nakamura & Samoa Joe

    Carmella and R-Truth showed up for a quick dance break at the start of the match, which inadvertently distracted Jeff allowing Nakamura and Joe to seize control of the bout early.

    In the end Rusev got the win though, I mean of course he did, they can’t run the risk of booking Nakamura looking strong can they?

    Rusev & Jeff Hardy win by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    Losing It

    Backstage Shane approached Miz and asked him what had come over him since the Best in the World Tournament.

    Shane said Miz had crossed the line and Miz agreed, but he said he refused to apologise because he knew the McMahon instincts would kick in just like they did at Crown Jewel.

    Miz said his entire career he was never considered best in the world… until Shane came along, and offered a handshake.

    Shane walked away, still looking angry.

    After commercials and a promo for TLC, Kayla interviewed A.J Styles.

    She asked if he was prepared to take his title back at TLC and A.J said he was biding his time.

    A.J said he wanted to beat the hell out of Bryan there and then, but if he did he wouldn’t be able to compete at TLC so he was counting down the hours.

    A.J said he thought this ‘NEW’ Daniel Bryan was actually just the real Daniel Bryan, but the ONLY A.J Styles was going to reclaim the title on Sunday.

    After another commercial break Kayla had rushed to another interview spot to speak to Charlotte Flair.

    She asked Flair about facing Asuka tonight.

    Charlotte said she didn’t break, and tonight she would give Asuka and Becky a sample of what to expect at TLC when they would both bow down to the queen.

    Main Event Match

    Womens Match
    Charlotte Flair

    Decent match here which you’d expect from a WrestleMania rematch.

    Becky Lynch sat ringside and watched both women push each other to the limit.

    Charlotte couldn’t get the job done with her Spear, or a Top Rope Moonsault, Asuka failed to make Charlotte tap with the Asuka lock.

    Having escaped the submission Charlotte slid to the outside and grabbed a Kendo Stick which she wrapped across the back of Asuka to end the match.

    Charlotte then turned on Becky with the weapon, but her attack didn’t last long.

    As she turned back to face Asuka, Charlotte failed to notice Becky recover and jump her.

    Becky swung the Kendo around for a bit until Asuka kicked her in the gut and took it, then beat the hell out everyone to end the show.

    Asuka wins by Disqualification. Advertising

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