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    The Smackdown Speedthrough – 5th March 2019


    Hello and welcome to the Smackdown Speedthrough!

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Smackdown Speedthrough feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

    On with the show!

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Low Brow Antics

    Match 1: Jey Uso Vs. The Miz

    Segment 2: Charlotte Interviewed

    Match 2: United States Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

    Segment 3: New Day in India

    Match 3: Black & Ricochet Vs. The Bar

    Match 4: Mandy Rose Vs. Naomi

    Segment 4: A.J Styles Interviewed

    Main Event: Kevin Owens Vs. Rowan

    Closing Segment: Friendly Discussion

    The Smackdown Speedthrough

    Segment 1

    Low Brow Antics

    Welcome to Smackdown everyone!

    Tonight’s show is dedicated to King Kong Bundy, who passed away this week.

    Daniel Bryan kicked off proceedings, accompanied by Rowan.

    Without saying a word he set a video playing, covering the events of last week when Kofi Kingston got screwed out of his title shot and replaced with Kevin Owens.

    Bryan said he had stayed silent as everyone went crazy for Kofi, stayed silent as Mr. McMahon changed the title bout for Fast Lane, but now it was his turn to speak and the fans turn to shut up.

    Rowan enforced the point, which just made the fans louder than ever.

    Bryan said Kofi wasn’t a leader he was a supporting player, which is why he was where he should be; with The New Day on a promotional tour of India.

    DB said McMahon was right to replace Kofi, but he wasn’t right to replace the man who tossed out lots of pancakes with a man who eats lots of pancakes.

    Bryan said Owens was just like the fans, he looked like them, he thought like them and he didn’t deserve a shot at the title just like them.

    Bryan called Owens a nobody, but claimed that’s what made him so dangerous because he had nothing at all to lose.

    On the other hand HE had everything to lose, as he had the weight of the planet on his shoulders.

    Owens interrupted.

    KO said for the last 5 months he had gone from being a Superstar to being what he had been for his entire life; a fan.

    Owens said he’d watched every Raw and Smackdown from his couch (Bryan interjected and said ‘where you belong’) and although he enjoyed it, it was difficult for him to watch other people do what he loved doing.

    Apart from when Daniel Bryan was in the ring, then it was just awful.

    Owens said he couldn’t stand people who thought they were better than everyone else, and it got worse as Bryan threw the WWE Championship in the trash.

    Owens said that made his mind up on where he wanted to come back to, and who he wanted to go after.

    KO told Bryan he deserved to have his stupid, condescending mouth shut and he was the one that was going to do it.

    Bryan scoffed and said he was spouting wisdom from his mouth, not shoving empty calories down it.

    KO accused the ‘super intelligent’ Bryan of being low brow, then told him to stick his vegan carrots up his ass.

    Bryan said now Owens was being low brow, making him just like the people in the crowd.

    Owens said he was happy to be compared to the fans because they both thought Bryan was a jackass, they didn’t have a reality show and they didn’t have a 7ft backup dancer either.

    Bryan said the only reason Owens didn’t have backup was because he had alienated all his friends, which Owens admitted was true, but then pointed out he didn’t need friends to hit Bryan with a Stunner last week and pin him, and he wouldn’t need friends at Fast Lane to take the title.

    Rowan squared up to Owens, so Owens floored him and then set about Bryan.

    The numbers game caught up with him almost immediately though and he got chokeslammed to the canvas.

    Match 1

    Singles Match
    Jey Uso
    (w/Jimmy Uso)
    The Miz
    (w/Shane McMahon)

    Before the match The Usos grabbed microphones.

    They talked about winning the belts at Elimination Chamber, and their opponents at Fast Lane.

    They said they were sick of the bromance, mocking Miz and Shane’s promos, and Shane’s penchant for jumping off things.

    Miz and Shane joined them in the ring, also with microphones.

    Shane said it was all the qualities The Usos had just mocked that made him and Miz the best Tag Team in the World, and on Sunday that would be what made them Champions again.

    Miz said he would make Shane and his Dad proud in his hometown.

    The Usos tried to jump Miz and Shane, but they ducked it and sent them flying over the top rope.

    After commercials the match had gotten underway.

    The match itself was short but sweet.

    Jimmy tried to help Jey during a pinfall, so Shane took him out of the picture.

    Back in the ring Miz caught Jey with a Skull Crushing Finale for the 1..2..3.

    The Miz wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Charlotte Interviewed

    Backstage Kayla spoke to Charlotte Flair.

    Flair said Smackdown was sorely missing Becky Lynch hobbling around on a crutch and getting beaten down by Ronda Rousey.

    Charlotte said she was inviting Becky to Smackdown tonight to talk about her physical and mental state, in a ‘friendly discussion’.

    It went on longer but that was mainly because she kept fluffing her lines.

    R-Truth and Carmella hit the ring next to issue an open challenge.

    Truth said he really wanted to be like his childhood hero John Cena (who made his debut a good few years after Truth did) but he didn’t realise John issued an open challenge EVERY WEEK.

    Carmella reminded R-Truth that Cena said ‘Never Give Up’, but Truth said Cena also said you couldn’t see him, and he saw him all the time.

    On the poster in his room, on his bedsheets, and even in a movie about a car that was also an alien.

    After a 7-Second Dance Break he issued an open challenge, but Lacey Evans music hit.

    She walked to the bottom of the ramp… then back up and into the back.

    Will this ever end?

    Truth thought she was accepting the challenge, then decided she didn’t want a piece of him when she left.

    He tried again and this time Samoa Joe took up the call, but as he slid into the ring Rey Mysterio’s music hit, and then so did Andrade’s.

    Looks like this week we have a 4-Way.

    Match 2

    United States Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
    Samoa Joe
    Rey Mysterio
    R-Truth (c)

    This is the type of match I wouldn’t have minded seeing on the Fast Lane card, because right now it’s looking a touch bare.

    Joe dominated the majority of the match until he got knocked into the crowd by the unlikely combination of Rey Mysterio and Andrade.

    Joe looked like he might have the win secured with a Coquina Clutch, having kicked out from an R-Truth 5-Knuckle Shuffle.

    Rey made the save with a 619 though, and then kicked out of a roll-up that he fell victim to last week.

    Andrade hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the apron on Rey, and to prevent Truth from getting involved, Zelina took him out with a Huricanrana.

    Carmella hit her with a Superkick, then back in the ring Mysterio started to build momentum.

    He hit the 619 and a Frog Splash, but as he covered Joe hit a Senton.

    He then picked Andrade up and planted him with a Sambo Suplex for the 1..2..3.

    We have a new Champ, and this really should have been on the PPV.

    Much as I think Joe deserves it, I was enjoying R-Truth’s title run.

    Samoa Joe wins by Pinfall and becomes the NEW United States Champion.

    Segment 3

    New Day in India

    The New Day cut a promo from India next, they vowed to be at Fast Lane, but didn’t explain why.

    After commercials Kayla spoke to Samoa Joe.

    She said other Superstars had claimed he couldn’t win the big one, but now he had.

    Joe said the other Superstars had been HOPING he didn’t win the big one, but it was inevitable he would.

    He said he wouldn’t be doing dance brakes or idolising John Cena, he was the king and he would be defending his crown.

    Match 3

    Tag Team Match
    Aleister Black & Ricochet
    The Bar

    Before the match Sheamus said all they’d heard for the past few weeks was that Black and Ricochet were NXT’s shiny new toys.

    They wished them luck in their Raw title match on Sunday, but said just like them, the Raw Tag Division just didn’t measure up to The Bar.

    Short match and another win for the NXT guys.

    Nothing to get excited about.

    After the bell Nakamura and Rusev attacked, only for The Hardys to make the save.

    Aleistair Black & Ricochet win by Pinfall.

    Match 4

    Womens Match
    Mandy Rose
    (w/Sonya Deville)

    Short match here, Mandy picked up the win after Deville distracted Naomi.

    As Rose made it to the top of the ramp Asuka appeared behind her and Sonya.

    Asuka took them both out as Naomi grinned on from the ring.

    Mandy Rose wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    A.J Styles Interviewed

    Backstage Kayla spoke to A.J Styles about the title picture.

    A.J said he wouldn’t want to be in Kofi or Owens position, Kofi was robbed and Owens was in a lose/lose situation.

    Randy Orton interrupted and asked if A.J was seriously talking about someone else being deserving of a title shot, then said he now understood why it took 15 years for him to get to the WWE.

    Main Event Match

    Tag Team Match
    Kevin Owens
    (w/Daniel Bryan)

    Bryan joined commentary for this match but goaded Owens after a few minutes and the #1 contender attacked him.

    Bryan attacked back and the match ended in a Disqualification.

    A 2 on 1 ensued until Mustafa Ali showed up to make the save.

    Ali took out Rowan and Owens hit Bryan with a Stunner, sending the Champ and his ‘intellectual equal’ fleeing up the ramp.

    Kevin Owens wins by Disqualification.

    Closing Segment

    Friendly Discussion

    Is this segment even needed?

    And does it HAVE to close out the show?

    Maybe I’m cynical but it almost feels like the Womens Division are getting to close out shows just for the sake of it now, rather than it being the most sensible booking decision.

    Ali coming back and helping Owens send Bryan fleeing would have been a good close to Smackdown, The Champ on his heels going into Fast Lane.

    Instead we got this.

    So Charlotte showed footage from Raw when Ronda turned heel, then called Becky out.

    Becky hobbled to the ring and said she’d got in Charlotte’s head, and Ronda’s head, and she was ready to fight them both if she had to.

    Lynch said she had already beaten Charlotte on one good leg, and although she was damaged that was a good thing, because damaged people had nothing left to lose.

    Oh, just like nobodies then, as Bryan pointed out at the start of the show.

    Lazy writing at it’s best.

    Charlotte kicked out Becky’s crutch and attacked her, but Lynch battled back with the help of her crutch and locked in the Dis-Arm-Her as officials hit the ring to break them up.

    Flair dropped to the outside and headed up the ramp as the show came to an end.

    That could have happened at ANY point in the show and still had the same impact, there was no story progression just retreading the same old ground. Advertising

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