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    The Raw Recap – 25th February 2019


    Hello and welcome to The Raw Recap!

    Use the quick links below to jump to a specific match or segment.

    If you’re following the event with us live keep refreshing as updates will come through sporadically depending on match and segment length.

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Raw Recap feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: A Big Update

    Match 1: Black & Ricochet Vs. The Revival

    Segment 2: Baron Corbin Interviewed

    Match 2: The Riott Squad Vs. Natalya & Ronda Rousey

    Segment 3: Making the Right Decision

    Match 3: Kurt Angle Vs. Jinder Mahal

    Segment 4: A Moment of Bliss with Finn Balor

    Match 4: Intercontinental Championship Match

    Segment 5: Bad Move

    Match 5: Dean Ambrose Vs. Drew McIntyre

    Main Event: Bayley Vs. Nia Jax

    Closing Segment: Party Time

    The Raw Recap

    Segment 1

    A Big Update

    Welcome to Raw folks, and what a show we have in store tonight.

    Not only is it Ric Flair’s big birthday bash, but rumours have been swirling that we might see the return of The Big Dog and even a certain Animal…

    Let’s dive in!

    Tonight’s show kicked off with a video package about Roman Reigns leaving to battle leukemia, and when we made it to the actual arena his music was the first to hit.

    Reigns walked out from the back looking as healthy as ever and made his way to the ring with a tear in his eye as the crowd cheered for him.

    Reigns looped arounf the ring, shaking hands with everyone he could at ringside, including a guy I could have sworn was David Arquette… but he tweeted to say he couldn’t make it so I guess it wasn’t him.

    He spent a while hugging a woman I’m presuming was his mum, as she was stood with The Rock’s mum who for some reason kept taking pictures of his arm.

    Eventually Reigns made it inside the ring and grabbed a microphone, but the crowd kept him quiet chanting ‘Welcome Back’.

    One kid in the crowd held up a sign to welcome Roman back, but he held it upside down… for a LONG time.

    Reigns started by thanking the fans and said there were no other fans like it in the world.

    The ones in attendance here seemed intent on chanting any inane thing they could, so we had a ‘You Deserve It’ and a ‘This is Your Yard’ chant before Reigns could continue.

    Roman said he’d always had faith and always believed god was looking out for him, but back in October he was terrified and insecure, not knowing if he even wanted to explain to the world what he was going through.

    The fans booed, but then realised that might have seemed a bit insensitive, so they then chanted his name again.

    Reigns said he was scared as he didn’t know how everyone would react, but the support he had been given after he made his announcement had been beyond what he could ever imagine.

    He said it felt like EVERYONE seemed to be on his side, whether they loved him or hated him, and the strength it gave him made him feel like he could do anything.

    Reigns said for most coming up through the WWE the most important thing was to win titles and Main Event Pay Per Views, but for him it was just being able to step in the ring and do his job.

    He said he would use the WWE as a platform to raise awareness and increase support for those going through what he had gone through.

    Reigns said it was time to get to his update…

    Roman said he’d promised to swing for the fences, but he’d done better than that… he’d hit a home run.

    Reigns revealed that he was in remission and he was back!

    Reigns said thank you one more time and headed back up the ramp.

    I might not always be Reigns’ biggest fan, but that is truly amazing news.

    Match 1

    Singles Match
    Aleister Black & Ricochet
    The Revival

    I thought last week was a one-time thing but I guess not.

    Black and Ricochet still use the NXT banner for their names so I guess they aren’t actually Main Roster guys yet, but it looks like they’re getting a run on the main shows.

    Black is a lot more agile than his frame suggests he should be, which allowed him to pull of moves similar to that of his partner Ricochet, and also sell some stuff amazingly.

    When they stand side by side there isn’t THAT much of a size difference between Black and Ricochet, but alone Black looks like a monster.

    A stand out moment was when Dawson hit him with a ridiculous DDT.

    It didn’t get the win though, and seconds later after Ricochet took out Wilder, Black hit the Black Mask for the 3.

    Aleister Black & Ricochet win by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Baron Corbin Interviewed

    Backstage Charly interviewed Baron Corbin.

    She asked if he was worried given Corbin made light of Reigns battle with Leukemia, telling the fans they should move on and how he didn’t care if Roman ever came back.

    Corbin said it was taken out of context and people needed to consider that he was under a lot of pressure running Raw and competing, and not even Roman Reigns could relate to that level of stress.

    Charly asked if Corbin was implying he had it rougher than Reigns had, and Corbin said he just hoped for Roman’s sake their paths didn’t cross.

    After commercials we saw a video message from Snoop Dogg, wishing Ric Flair a happy birthday. He hasn’t aged well since I last saw him.

    Back in the ring Elias tried to perform, only to immediately be interrupted by Lacey Evans.

    She walked to the ring, then back to the top of the ramp and left.

    It’s like the Jericho trolling all over again, but without all the hype.

    Before Elias could start up again, Dean Ambrose interrupted.

    Ambrose said he was feeling good tonight with all the positivity in the air, and he wanted a re-match with Drew McIntyre that was a No Disqualification match.

    Elias started playing again, but Ambrose interrupted him once more.

    Elias said he was about to sing a song about how much he loved Atlanta… then started throwing out casual insults about the locals.

    Ambrose said he’d come out to make a request, reeling off some songs.

    Elias tried to lay Ambrose out with his guitar, but Ambrose ducked it and hit Dirty Deeds before heading back up the ramp.

    I feel bad for Elias, he was getting over really well and then they inexplicably decided to turn him heel again.

    Match 2

    Tag Team Match
    The Riott Squad
    (w/Liv Morgan)
    Ronda Rousey & Natalya

    Before commercials the commentary team made out this was going to be a 3 on 2 match, but Liv Morgan spent the whole match on the outside of the ring rather than the apron, so I presume she wasn’t legally involved.

    The Riott Squad isolated Natalya for large parts of the match, but she eventually got the hot tag to Rousey.

    Ronda took out Ruby and Sarah, but just as she was about to close in on the victory Becky Lynch showed up at ringside.

    She floored Natalya with her crutch ending the bout, then set about Rousey who went for her too.

    security poured out to restrain them but didn’t do a great job, but eventually the Atlanta Police Dept showed up to drag Becky away.

    The policemen didn’t half look like trainee wrestlers…

    The Riott Squad win by Disqualification.

    Segment 3

    Making the Right Decision

    After helping Natalya up the ramp Rousey returned to the ring and grabbed a microphone.

    Rousey said it was time to end things, and called out Vince McMahon, but instead she got Stephanie.

    Flustered, Rousey said she knew Steph was doing Vince’s bidding, but they had to re-instate Becky because she was at her wits end.

    Stephanie said Becky had bigger things to worry about as she’d just been arrested.

    Rousey told McMahon to drop the charges and re-instate Becky for their match at Mania.

    Stephanie said whether Ronda wanted it or not, she was facing Charlotte at Mania.

    Rousey babbled on about how it was the first Womens Main Event in WrestleMania history and that it should be made a Triple Threat.

    Ronda told Steph to do it for her legacy, and for her three daughters.

    Stephanie said it was a hard no and started to leave, but Rousey cut her off and demanded she re-instate Becky there and then.

    Steph said her dad had been right about Becky and Ronda, they were cut from the same cloth and were both disrespectful.

    Stephanie reminded her she was an employee but Ronda exploded.

    She awkwardly explained that she had to defend her title against the best not the chosen, otherwise it meant nothing and was just a gaudy accessory that wasn’t her style.

    She said Vince claimed he was the man and made all the tough decisions, but now he had to make the right one.

    Rousey laid the title down in the ring infront of Stephanie and walked away.

    After commercials the show went completely off the rails.

    We saw part of a birthday message from Stone Cold, which then got interrupted by a promo of The Bellas putting Jimmy Kimmel through a pool table, and Braun Strowman interviewing Michael C. Reilly and Will Ferrell, which then continued to play but with mangled audio of Ronda and Stephanie’s encounter from before the break.

    After they got things back on the rails we saw Steph and Triple H talking backstage, Steph holding the Womens title… We couldn’t hear what they were saying.

    In the ring Jinder Mahal complained about not being invited to Ric Flair’s birthday tonight, and challenged anyone who WAS invited to a match.

    Kurt Angle answered the call.

    Match 3

    Singles Match
    Jinder Mahal
    (w/The Singh Brothers)
    Kurt Angle

    Obviously Kurt won this match, even with the interference of Sunil and Samir to contend with.

    He escaped a Khallas attempt and applied his Ankle Lock for the win.

    Kurt Angle wins by Submission.

    Segment 4

    A Moment of Bliss with Finn Balor

    Alexa Bliss hosted her talk show segment next.

    Remember when there had only ever been a handful of these kinds of segments and they were cool and innovative?

    Piper’s Pit, Jericho’s Highlight Reel… The Peep Show.

    I can’t even count all the ones we’ve seen now, and they so very rarely add anything these days.

    Anyway, Alexa took a dig at Ronda Rousey leaving, then brought Finn Balor out to join her.

    Bliss flirted with Finn, saying the only negative of his title win was that the belt covered up his amazing abs.

    He responded awkwardly and she said if he showed her his abs, she’d show him…

    Lio Rush interrupted, sending Graves into a rage on the announce desk.

    Rush said this show was a sham, and Balor shouldn’t even be the IC Champion because Bobby Lashley deserved it more.

    Rush said Bobby was preparing for Strowman, so he was out there instead and he wasn’t leaving until he got the title back for Bob.

    Balor suggested Lio wanted to fight and beat him to prove HE was better than Bobby too.

    Balor accepted the challenge that Lio didn’t really make, and tied the Cruiserweight up in knots to the point he accepted the match, especially after Bliss questioned his masculinity.

    Lio said he was going to go and prepare for his match, but Bliss, who apparently is in charge of scheduling now, told him he didn’t have time as the match that was LITERALLY just made, was happening now.

    Before the match started we saw a video for Ric Flair from Maria Menunous, who always seems to show up at these things.

    We then saw Sting backstage, talking to Titus O’Neil of all people.

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    Match 4

    Intercontinental Championship Match
    Finn Balor (c)
    Lio Rush

    Another obvious result here, although the match went on a little longer.

    Rush managed to take out one of Balor’s legs, but that didn’t stop him hitting the Coup De Grace for the 3.

    Finn Balor wins by Pinfall and retains the Intercontinental Championship.

    Segment 5

    Bad Move

    Backstage The Ascension decided they were heels again, and started quizzing Tucker Knight on where his fat, stupid, neckless partner was, suggesting he might be somewhere eating out of a dumpster.

    Tucker warned them not to get on Otis’ bad side because he had a bad temper.

    They continued until Otis showed up, and Tucker told him what they had said.

    Dozer took them both out with a single shoulder barge, leaving them lying on the floor.

    Elsewhere Lashley chewed out Lio Rush for getting a title shot when he was supposed to be securing one for HIM.

    Rush apologised and vowed to make it up to him.

    We were supposed to see Lashley Vs. Strowman next, but before the bout got going Lashley jumped Braun.

    Lashley started out strong but Strowman quickly regained control and beat his attacker down.

    Strowman took out Lashley and Rush on the outside, then told Bobby he was coming for all three of the men who had smashed up his arm and attacked him again last week.

    Backstage Charly spoke to Seth Rollins.

    Seth said he had an extra bit of ‘pep in his step’ due to Roman’s return.

    Rollins said tonight was about celebrating, so it was time to go and burn it down but in a different way.

    In the parking lot we saw Ric Flair arrive for his birthday bash, accompanied by a woman who looked like she was wearing a robe.

    Match 5

    No Disqualification Match
    Dean Ambrose
    Drew McIntyre

    The No Disqualification aspect of this match for the most part saw Drew McIntyre beating Ambrose around the ring with a belt that he had pulled from Dean’s jeans (he had two belts on, which caused a fair bit of amusement on the announce desk.)

    Ambrose eventually got control of the belt and hit McIntyre with a few lashes before getting caught with a Glasgow Kiss.

    We got the classic ‘Stairs Shot into Drop Toe Hold’ bit but weapon use was at a minimum in this bout.

    The reasoning behind the No DQ rule became clear as Elias showed up and blasted Ambrose with his guitar just as he looked to be closing in on a victory.

    McIntyre hit a Claymore and covered for the 3.

    As soon as the match ended Corbin and Lashley walked out from the back.

    They invited Elias to join them, and a 4 on 1 beating began.

    Seth Rollins music cut in and he walked out from the back with a steel chair, followed closely by Roman Reigns.

    Lashley and Corbin went to meet them on the ramp and got promptly dispatched.

    Elias and McIntyre weren’t far behind, with Drew taking the big Spear from Reigns to end the segment.

    Drew McIntyre wins by Pinfall.

    Main Event Match

    Singles Match
    (w/Sasha Banks)
    Nia Jax

    This was your standard Nia Jax loss.

    She dominated, ragdolled Bayley all over the place, then got caught and lost right at the end.

    Big win for Bayley.

    Bayley wins by Pinfall.

    Closing Segment

    Party Time

    A cake, some balloon columns, streamers, what was quite clearly a title belt under a cloth and the roster on the stage indicated the start of Ric Flair’s birthday celebrations.

    Triple H and Steph headed down to the ring and Steph gestured to the decorations like they had gone all out.

    Trips said things got hectic on the Road to WrestleMania, talking about all we had seen in the show tonight so far.

    He said all that paled in comparison to the reason they were there at the moment; to celebrate the 70th birthday of the greatest Sports Entertainer of all time.

    Steph brought out some ‘invited guests’, starting with HBK.

    Happy Birthday Ric, here’s the guy who ended your career.

    Next up, Ricky Steamboat.

    I haven’t seen Steamboat for a few years, but he hasn’t aged at all.

    Kurt Angle and Sting rounded out the list.

    Sting completely blanked Seth Rollins, choosing to speak to No Way Jose instead.

    Trips then introduced the man of the hour, playing a video package that covered Naich’s career.

    Stephanie unveiled the custom World Championship belt (the WCW World title Ric is most synonymous with, but with side plates commemorating his achievements.

    Triple H called Flair to the ring, his music hit, but he didn’t show.

    We cut backstage to see Batista dragging a cameraman to Ric Flair’s dressing room.

    He barged inside  then dragged a beat up Flair out with him and dumped him on the floor.

    Batista asked Triple H if he had his attention now, almost crying as he did so.

    Triple H headed into the back to find out what was going on as everyone else just looked on shocked.

    Trips found flair and checked he was OK as the show went off air.


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