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    The Raw Recap – 11th February 2019


    Hello and welcome to The Raw Recap!

    Use the quick links below to jump to a specific match or segment.

    If you’re following the event with us live keep refreshing as updates will come through sporadically depending on match and segment length.

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Raw Recap feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Swallow Your Pride

    Match 1: Jax & Tamina Vs. Banks & Bayley Vs. The Riott Squad

    Segment 2: Constant Interruptions

    Match 2: Finn Balor Vs. Drew McIntyre

    Match 3: Balor, Angle & Strowman Vs. McIntyre, Corbin & Lashley

    Segment 3: Back Soon

    Match 4: Nikki Cross Vs. Ruby Riott

    Segment 4: Slay the Beast

    Match 5: Dean Ambrose Vs. EC3

    Segment 5: Ulterior Motives

    Main Event: Raw Tag Team Championship Match

    Closing Segment: Becky Decides

    The Raw Recap

    Segment 1

    Swallow Your Pride

    Welcome to Raw everyone!

    You can tell we’re in the big push toward Mania now, as Stephanie and Triple H kicked off the show tonight.

    Stephanie welcomed everyone to the show and told us what we already know; we are on the Road to WrestleMania.

    She said the first pit-stop was this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. She plugged the Womens Tag Team Match then handed over to Triple H who talked about how tough a job Daniel Bryan would have in defending his title inside the titular match.

    Steph announced that Ronda Rousey would defend her title against Ruby Riott (why?) and Triple H said if she won she would go on to face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania… or at least that WAS the plan.

    He showed a highlights package from last week where Steph suspended Becky and she lashed out, and then when she slapped him on Smackdown.

    The fans chanted for Lynch.

    Steph said despite Becky’s actions last week they were going to do what was best for business, and revealed Lynch had seen doctors during the week.

    However, before Steph could reveal the results of that visit, Becky’s music hit and she interrupted.

    Lynch chose not to be humble, but instead say it was good to see the swelling had gone down on their faces.

    Triple H said things had escalated quickly, but he wanted them all to put it behind them, then apologised for what he had said on Smackdown.

    Trips explained that Becky’s doctor had spoken to the WWE doctors and agreed that there is no serious damage to her knee, and after a couple of weeks of rehab she would be cleared to compete.

    He lifted the suspension and confirmed the match at WrestleMania was on.

    Stephanie said it would be one of the biggest matches in WWE history… and would take place IF Becky could do just one thing…

    Steph said Becky was a role model to thousands of women, so all she had to do was apologise to the pair of them and they could put it all behind them

    She pointed out they had already apologised to her and all they wanted was that to be reciprocated.

    Despite the pair of them already explaining EXACTLY what they wanted her to apologise for, she asked what she had to apologise for.

    Becky said she didn’t trust either of them, or Vince for that matter, and would fight any of them to get her shot at Mania, but she WOULD NOT apologise.

    She told Triple H to shove his apology up his arse then went to leave, but Steph got up in her face.

    The Game stepped between them and tried to calm things down.

    He told Becky to put her stubbornness and pride behind her, asking if she wanted to fight tonight or at WrestleMania.

    Triple H told her she had a choice, and she had until the end of the night to make it.

    Maybe I’m getting older and more cynical, but when we’ve seen this angle done before, and we HAVE seen this done before, the face being forced to apologise usually doesn’t have anything to apologise for.

    Becky kind of does, she did attack Stephanie and slap Triple H without any real provocation and through this opening segment SHE was the one who came across as being unreasonable and in the wrong.

    Match 1

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Nia Jax & Tamina
    Sasha Banks & Bayley
    The Riott Squad
    (w/Ruby Riott)

    This was a clever twist on the Triple Threat Tag match, as the losers of the bout would start out in the Elimination Chamber first.

    So rather than there being something on the line for the winners, all each team really had to do was avoid being the ones defeated.

    This meant that while usually teams WANT to be in the ring so they have a chance of winning, here teams were actively trying to avoid being brought into the match.

    Sacha picked up an injury on the outside during the bout, and officials had to help her to the back.

    I’m pretty sure this was a work, but Sasha genuinely did get injured this week and it looked like she wouldn’t be able to compete on Sunday.

    Thankfully (as they’re the favourites to win) she has been cleared.

    I wonder if the commentary team realise what they say sometimes, as a lot of it is gibberish.

    Case in point, during this match Michael Cole pointed out that The Riott Squad made their main-roster debut around a year ago.

    Graves then said that ‘every since bursting onto the scene’ The Riott Squad had said they would be the ones to hold ‘all the gold’ in the Womens division.

    So for the last 9 months until the tag titles were introduced, they just meant they’d hold the Raw Womens Championship then? Such ambition for a team of 3 women!

    Anyway, Bayley battled on alone and almost got the win over Liv Morgan, but both Sarah Logan and then Tamina made the save.

    Tamina then kicked Bayley’s head off, before dragging Liv to the corner to ‘tag in’ Nia.

    Nia hit Bayley with a Samoan Drop and covered for the 3.

    Tamina & Nia Jax win by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Constant Interruptions

    Elias appeared in the ring after commercials, but before he could say anything we cut backstage to see Finn Balor speaking to Becky Lynch.

    He asked if she was OK and she said she was.

    He told her she had to watch what she was doing, claiming he’d love to slap the taste out of Lashley and Lio Rush’s mouth but he was biding his time and would take Lashley’s title eventually.

    Becky asked if he thought she should apologise, and he basically said yes.

    Back in the ring Elias introduced himself again… and we cut to a video package for Rollins Vs. Lesnar.

    Third time lucky? Nope, this time he was interrupted by the Lucha House Party.

    After commercials Elias went crazy, saying he was sick of being interrupted.

    The Luchas said they loved entertaining the WWE Universe, and tonight had decided they wanted to Walk With Elias.

    Elias played a a song insulting the Grand Rapids crowd then asked the Luchas what they thought.

    They gave it 3 thumbs down.

    Elias said if they thought they could do better than him they could go right ahead.

    Kalisto took him up on the offer and played a few bars on his guitar, seemingly impressing the drifter.

    Elias offered to perform a duet with him, but after he grabbed his second guitar he wrapped it around Kalisto’s back and knocked him to the mat.

    Elias fled to the back before the other members of the House Party could exact any revenge.

    After commercials we saw a video package of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville talking about how they’d win at Elimination Chamber.

    They explained that they had been in the Elimination Chamber already which gave them a distinct advantage.

    Match 2

    Singles Match
    Finn Balor
    Drew McIntyre

    Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush took up residence at ringside to watch this match.

    Not much to say other than as Balor closed in on the win Lashley shoved him off the top rope.

    A 3 on 1 ensued, until Kurt Angle’s music hit and he made the save.

    Angle took out McIntyre and Lashley, then locked Rush in an Ankle Lock, but Baron Corbin dropped the American Hero, attacking from behind.

    Strowman was next to enter the fray, and he cleaned house, hurling Lashley and McIntyre into the barricades before very nearly putting Corbin through the mat with a Running Powerslam.

    Any guesses how this situation progressed during commercials…

    Finn Balor wind by Disqualification.

    Match 3

    6-Man Tag Team Match
    Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman
    Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley
    (w/Lio Rush)

    This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but Renee Young just isn’t that good on commentary.

    She was a brilliant backstage interviewer, and she wasn’t a bad commentator on NXT from the bits and pieces I’ve heard, but week in week out on Raw she’s pretty poor.

    That’s not to say Graves and Cole are much better, but some of the things she says are so jarring and they stand out a mile.

    This one ended with a controversial decision at first as Lashley got the win over Balor despite his foot being on the bottom rope before the official’s hand hit the mat for the 3.

    A second official hit the ring and told the first guy what had happened, so the match was re-started.

    After a few more minutes of action Strowman got a hot tag and took everyone out, leaving Balor to tag in and hit Lashley with a Coup De Grace for the 3.

    Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman win by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Back Soon

    We saw a video clip from Kevin Owens next.

    He said he’d been rehabbing, spending a lot of time with his family and watching Raw.

    He came across as a bit of a face, and said he was about 1 month from returning, although he wasn’t sure if it wold be to Raw or Smackdown.

    Backstage Charly asked Becky what she would say to the fans who were denied seeing her Vs. Ronda at Mania simply because she wouldn’t apologise.

    Becky said it was none of Charly’s business and walked away.

    Match 4

    Singles Match
    Nikki Cross
    Ruby Riott

    During this match we headed backstage to see Rousey confront Becky.

    Ronda told Becky to stop whining and apologise even if she didn’t mean it, because if she went to the ring tonight and said anything other than sorry she was proving how much of a coward she is.

    Riott got the win here, I mean she had to really with a title shot on Sunday, but that’s tough for Nikki who should be getting pushed harder than she is.

    Ruby Riott wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    Slay the Beast

    Seth Rollins hit the ring next.

    He talked about the past year with the WWE and how it culminated with a Rumble win last month.

    Rollins said he’d taken 6 F-5′s and he was still standing, and if he was still standing he could still Stomp, and if he could still Stomp he could still win the title.

    Heyman interrupted and said he had a massive surprise for everyone.

    He pretended to introduce Lesnar, but then revealed the Champ wasn’t in the arena tonight.

    Heyman said he was there to educate Rollins, because Seth was under the impression that all men were created equal… and they are not.

    Heyman said Rollins and Lesnar simply didn’t share the same DNA.

    Heyman warned Rollins that if he went into Mania with the mindset that he would take any level of beating to try and win the title, it would end up being his last match.

    He explained that Lesnar was an unrepentant beast who would keep beating Rollins until his career came to and end, making him the architect of his own demise.

    Rollins said Heyman was right, but he didn’t care.

    He said he would do whatever it took to beat Lesnar and he would wrestle the title away from him.

    Heyman left and Dean Ambrose headed to the ring.

    He grabbed a microphone and said he only had one thing to say to Rollins… ‘Slay the beast’.

    Ambrose headed to the outside to prepare for the upcoming match and Rollins just smiled before walking away.

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    Match 5

    Singles Match
    Dean Ambrose

    Ambrose leveled things up here at a win-a-piece, rolling EC3 up in a Small Package for the 3.

    Dean Ambrose wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 5

    Ulterior Motives

    Backstage Alexa Bliss told Becky Lynch she shouldn’t apologise to Stephanie and Triple H.

    Bliss said the moment she apologised was the moment she showed weakness.

    Bliss tried to butter Becky up, but it was obvious she was just trying to get a title shot herself and Lynch saw right through it.

    Alexa turned and said if she did apologise she would be a sell out, but Becky said the only thing she’d be selling out is WrestleMania.

    Main Event Match

    Raw Tag Team Championship Match
    Roode & Gable (c)
    The Revival

    I’m surprised this wasn’t on the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.

    It was given a load of time, it was a great match AND we saw a title change.

    All the hallmarks of a PPV match, but shoved on Raw so we can see a pointless match between Ronda Rousey and Ruby Riott on Sunday?


    The Revival win by Pinfall and become the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions.

    Closing Segment

    Waved Off

    Backstage Charly asked The Revival about being new Champs.

    She said it had took them a while to get there, then asked how it felt.

    They said it felt amazing, and the pair said there were no Tag Teams better than them in the WWE.

    Becky made her way to the ring to wrap up the show with her big decision.

    Steph and Triple H joined her, and reiterated what they had at the start of the show; they had apologised and now she had to or she would throw away her moment in history at WrestleMania.

    Triple H told Becky to shut out the baying crowd, saying the opinion of strangers didn’t matter and it was all about what SHE wanted.

    Becky said she didn’t trust them and still thought they didn’t want her anywhere near the Mania Main Event.

    She said if it was just 2 little words keeping her away from her dream then… she was sorry.

    Triple H offered her a handshake, but she turned away from it.

    She said they had a deal now, her path was clear to Mania and Ronda Rousey and if anyone got in the way of that going forward they would have the fight of their life on their hands.

    Triple H said he wouldn’t have it any other way, shook her hand and told her she was going to WrestleMania.

    Becky questioned if it was that easy and Triple H said it was done.

    Becky started to talk about Ronda and right on cue her music hit and she joined her Mania opponent in the ring.

    Before anything could happen though Vince McMahon tottered out of the back.

    He said he thought Becky and Ronda COULD BE one of the greatest Main Events of WrestleMania ever… but Becky had a bad attitude and he didn’t like that.

    Vince said she wasn’t The Man, he was… and Becky was suspended for 60 days as he didn’t accept the apology.

    That meant she was suspended until… 4 days after WrestleMania.

    He said they needed a replacement with charisma, someone who knew how to stay in their lane… Charlotte Flair.

    Flair walked out from the back and Becky went crazy in the ring.

    Vince raised Charlotte’s hand and said Ronda should get used to it as that’s what we would all be seeing at the end of Mania.


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