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    The Raw Recap – 10th December 2018


    Hello and welcome to The Raw Recap!

    Use the quick links below to jump to a specific match or segment.

    If you’re following the event with us live keep refreshing as updates will come through sporadically depending on match and segment length.

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Raw Recap feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Switching Focus

    Match 1: Raw Tag Team Championship Match

    Segment 2: Roode & Gable Interviewed

    Match 2: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Drew McIntyre

    Match 3: Bayley Vs. Alicia Fox

    Segment 3: Dean Ambrose Interviewed

    Match 4: Lio Rush Vs. Elias

    Segment 4: Night’s Not Over

    Match 5: Ember Moon Vs. Tamina

    Segment 5: Baron Corbin Interviewed

    Main Event: Intercontinental Championship Match

    The Raw Recap

    Segment 1

    Switching Focus

    Welcome to Raw!

    I suspected tonight’s show might kick off with a tribute card for the Dynamite Kid, but it didn’t.

    Hopefully they’ll do something later in the show.

    What we did get instead was Seth Rollins stood in the ring for an awkwardly long amount of time while his music seemed to randomly loop, shouting ‘BURN IT DOWN’ over and over again.

    When the music eventually cut Rollins said that was his mantra for Sunday at TLC, and it would be equally relevant tonight.

    Rollins said he was going to ‘spit some truths’, and asked Baron Corbin to head down to the ring so he could give him a dose of reality.

    Corbin obliged, walking out from the back and past all the various Tables, Ladders and Chairs that had been set up on the ramp.

    In fact, the whole of ringside is littered with them, just propped up against barricades etc.

    Corbin told Rollins if he wanted a conversation they could do it in private, as the door to his office was always open.

    Seth told him to cut the crap, shut up and listen.

    Rollins said he had been so wrapped up in his feud with Dean Ambrose he hadn’t had time to tell Baron Corbin how badly he had been doing as Raw Interim GM.

    Rollins said Raw had sucked under Corbin’s control and he was completely to blame for making everything about him.

    Corbin told Rollins to watch how he spoke to him, but Seth called him on it being an idle threat.

    Rollins used The Revival as an example of poor management, booking them in Lucha House Rules matches.

    He also mocked the ‘urination’ segments, which was a bit strange given Corbin didn’t instigate those. He isn’t writing the show as well, is he?

    Finally Seth got round to Brock Lesnar. He said Lesnar never showed up on Raw and Corbin handed him the title back.

    He then pointed out the last time Lesnar actually wrestled on Raw was in 2002.

    Seth said Corbin had been an abject failure as G.M, with Morale, Fan Support and TV Ratings at an all-time low.

    Corbin said he didn’t care what Rollins, the locker room or any of the fans thought, because Raw was HIS show and it would be for a very long time.

    Corbin told Rollins if he thought it was bad now, it was about to get much worse for ‘guys like him’.

    Corbin said once he was announced permanent G.M of Raw he would put Rollins through hell each and every Monday night.

    Rollins asked why they needed to wait, and challenged Corbin to a 1 on 1 match… which the G.M Elect refused.

    Rollins said a 1 on 1 match wasn’t good enough for the fans, and as Corbin had said he always wanted a TLC match, and all the stuff was around the ring… they should have a TLC match.

    Corbin said he had no problem making an example of Rollins tonight, but it would cost Seth everything so his answer was still no.

    Rollins called him a coward multiple times, aggravating Corbin to the point he accepted the match… but put the title on the line too.

    After commercials Seth Rollins was asked backstage if he regretted calling out Baron Corbin when it might cost him everything.

    Rollins said it was a big risk and possible a mistake just 6 days before TLC, but he couldn’t let Corbin get away with it any more.

    Rollins said if he wasn’t good enough he didn’t deserve to be wearing the title.

    Match 1

    Raw Tag Team Championship 3 on 2 Handicap Match
    The AOP & Drake Maverick
    Gable & Roode

    So this match was for the title belts despite being a 3 on 2.

    On the face of it you’d think putting Maverick in there was a big boost for AOP, but actually it was done cleverly so his team could drop the belts without looking weak.

    Sure enough toward the end of the match AOP were dominating when Maverick tagged himself in to egotistically take the pinfall.

    He ended up with egg on his face though as he got rolled up for the 3.

    Roode and Gable came out in matching robes at the start of the match, I should have seen the title switch coming!

    Gable & Roode win by Pinfall and become the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions.

    Segment 2

    Roode & Gable Interviewed

    After commercials we saw Gable and Roode celebrating with their belts when Charly approached and asked how they’d managed to get the job done tonight.

    Roode said they’d brought ‘the work’ every single day and knew they’d end up with the belts eventually, they just didn’t think it was going to happen tonight in a 3 on 2 against the AOP.

    Gable said there was only one word to describe how they felt right now… Glorious!

    Back in the ring Natalya waited for her music to die down before she spoke.

    She said she had something to get off her chest about Ruby Riott.

    Natalya said Riott didn’t respect anyone or anything in this business, and she had made things personal when she destroyed her father’s sunglasses.

    Natalya said Ruby had claimed she had everything handed to her, but she’d had to work harder than most because of who she was.

    Natalya reminded everyone that her uncle had punched Vince McMahon in the mouth, yet she STILL got hired by the WWE because of how hard she had worked.

    Nattie said she was dedicating her match at TLC to her father Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart.

    Fighting back tears, she said she would take every emotion she had and use them to drive Ruby’s ass through a table.

    Riott interrupted and said Natalya disgraced her family rather than representing them.

    Ruby said she had got Natalya a little gift, then unveiled a table with Jim Neidhart’s picture on it.

    Riott vowed to put Natalya through the table.

    Very strange, this feels like a Paige name-dropping Reid Flair moment to me.

    Backstage Dolph Ziggler talked about beating Drew McIntyre last week, how he plucked him from obscurity and would put him back there tonight.

    Ziggler said he wasn’t the good guy, or the bad guy, he was just Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler said he didn’t need Finn Balor to get involved either.

    McIntyre made his way to the ring where Charly interviewed him.

    She asked Drew why he had chosen to have a re-match with Dolph tonight just days before his match with Finn Balor at TLC.

    McIntyre said nobody remained undefeated their whole career and although last week was his ‘first’ loss that had just made him angrier and lit a fire under him.

    Drew said he would ‘finish off’ Finn Balor at TLC, then said he would kick Dolph’s head off tonight.

    Didn’t really answer the question though…

    Match 2

    Singles Match
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre

    This was another decent match.

    Ziggler looked like he might have got the win after a cocky McIntyre got hit with a Zig-Zag.

    However Drew kicked out, and then avoided a Superkick by hitting the Claymore for the 3.

    After the match McIntyre set about his former mentor, driving him into the turnbuckle before setting him up for a Powerbomb on the steel steps.

    Referees piled out from the back to stop the attack, and it looked like they had done their job until Drew hit a second Claymore right into the LED apron.

    Drew McIntyre win by Pinfall.

    Match 3

    Singles Match
    (w/Sacha Banks)
    Alicia Fox
    (w/Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers)

    More Mixed Match Challenge hype here.


    Jinder and his entourage tried to get involved in the match only for Apollo Crews to hit the ring and even the odds in Finn Balor’s absence.

    He took all 3 of them out, then picked Sacha up and tossed her into them (at her own request.)

    In the ring Bayley hit Alicia with the Bayley 2 Belly for the 3.

    Bayley wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Dean Ambrose Interviewed

    Backstage Charly interviewed Dean Ambrose.

    He told her never EVER to call him The Lunatic Fringe again after she introduced him as such.

    Ambrose said Rollins was no longer the architect he was in The Shield because he was rattled.

    Ambrose said Rollins would never have gone to the ring with no plan like he did tonight and ended up in a needless title match.

    Ambrose claimed it was all about ego, and vowed to take the title on Sunday IF Seth still had it.

    Charly asked Ambrose how he thought Roman Reigns would react if he knew how he and Rollins were acting.

    Dean said he didn’t care.

    She showed him a HUGE video package encompassing Roman Reigns cancer announcement, him turning on Rollins and the subsequent brawling we’ve seen since.

    Ambrose refused to comment on the whole thing when we cut back to them.

    After commercials Elias played some music in the ring and talked about his match with Bobby Lashley on Sunday.

    He said Lashley had been trashing the local sports teams and the city they were in, then threw out a couple of cheap pops Mick Foley would have been proud of.

    Elias said he didn’t like to hit children with his guitar, but he made an exception last week and as he had to face Rush tonight he’d make sure he taught him a lesson.

    Elias then played a quite frankly terrible song.

    Lashley and Rush eventually interrupted and we looked set for the match, but there was no official.

    Heath Slater walked out in the stripes looking pretty dejected.

    Match 4

    Singles Match
    Lio Rush
    (w/Bobby Lashley)

    I like it when different angles and storylines cross over, for example back in the late 90′s when all the officials went on strike and it had an impact on every match, so I quite enjoyed this.

    Elias destroyed Rush, but as he went for the pin Lashley got in the ring and attacked.

    Slater didn’t DQ Rush though as Lashley intimidated him, and it was obvious he had been given orders from Corbin.

    Rush grabbed Elias’ guitar and handed it to Lashley, who broke it across the drifter’s back.

    Rush then covered and Slater begrudgingly counted the 3.

    Lio Rush wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    Night’s Not Over

    After commercials we saw Heath Slater looking upset backstage.

    Corbin told him he had done a good job, and asked about his buddy Rhyno, telling him he had to get over the fact he had ended his friend’s career.

    Slater went to take his shirt off and pack his bag, but Corbin told him he’d be officiating another match tonight.

    Alexa Bliss hit the ring next but before she could introduce anyone Nia Jax and Tamina interrupted and walked out.

    Nia said on Sunday she was going to become the Raw Womens Champion at the direct expense of Ronda Rousey.

    Nia said Rousey would be smart to walk out from the back and lay the title at her feet to avoid a beating.

    Nia claimed she didn’t need to talk trash because of her stature, claiming she was the embodiment of the ‘anti-Rousey’ before harping on about her face-breaking fist again.

    She rambled on then started screeching and shouting which I think she intended to be intimidating, but it just came off as… odd.

    Rousey eventually interrupted.

    She said she wasn’t there to pose and talk, she was there to fight.

    Rousey shot into the ring sending the 3 women in there fleeing.

    Jax and Tamina regrouped though and surrounded Ronda, but just when things looked bleak Ember Moon hit the ring to even the odds.

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    Match 5

    Tag Team Match
    Ember Moon
    (w/Ronda Rousey)
    (w/Nia Jax)

    Ember got the win with an Eclipse after Rousey prevented Nia from getting involved by hurling her over the barricade.

    Rousey and Moon celebrated while Nia stood in the crowd looking all moody and pissed off.

    Ember Moon wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 5

    Baron Corbin Interviewed

    After commercials Charly spoke to Baron Corbin and asked him if he felt it was an abuse of power to book himself into an Intercontinental Championship match just days ahead of TLC where Seth would face Dean Ambrose.

    Corbin said it wasn’t, he had simply accepted Seth Rollins challenge tonight, and on Sunday he’d become permanent G.M of Raw when Braun Strowman forfeited their match.

    Charly asked if he was worried Strowman might show up at TLC as there had been rumours to that effect.

    Corbin said Strowman was a one armed man so he wouldn’t show, and pondered on what he could do to Rollins tonight in a sanctioned TLC match.

    After some hype for TLC we found out that Lashley Vs. Elias would be a ladder match with a guitar hanging above the ring… the first person to get to it can use it as a weapon.

    So… you can beat the crap out of someone with a ladder… but you’d rather grab a balsa wood guitar and use that instead?

    Main Event Match

    Intercontinental Championship TLC Match
    Baron Corbin
    Seth Rollins (c)

    Michael Cole pretended to be genuinely surprised when Heath Slater walked out as the referee for this match.

    You know, despite us seeing Corbin telling him he had another match to officiate earlier… and this being the only match left on the card.

    Now you might be wondering here, as I was, what benefit a stooge referee would be in a TLC match, as the title is hung above the ring, anything goes and it’s the first to unclip it.

    Not really much for a referee to do other than call for the bell when someone frees up the belt, right?

    Michael Cole even said as much at the start of the match, but then pondered on what Corbin could have ‘up his sleeve’.

    As it transpired he did indeed get involved, but more on that later.

    Slater’s involvement aside, Corbin was booked extremely strongly in this match, dominating Rollins for large periods.

    Toward the end of the bout he even drove Rollins through a table with a Chokeslam, plucking the Champ out of the air as he went for a Suicide Dive.

    Rollins looked like he had turned the tables when he hit a Frog Splash from the top rope, putting Corbin through a table on the outside.

    However, as Rollins climbed the ladder, Slater (who had previously been accidentally floored with a chair shot from Seth) stopped him in his tracks and dumped over the ladder.

    Slater helped Corbin to his feet and to the ladder, but as he neared the top Rollins recovered and Powerbombed him through a table.

    Rollins dispatched Slater with a Superkick, then put Corbin down with a Curb Stomp before ascending the rungs and unhooking his title.

    After the match Dean Ambrose walked out from the back and stared down the ramp at his former friend as the show went off air.

    Seth Rollins wins and retains the Intercontinental Championship.

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