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    The Raw Recap – 4th March 2019


    Hello and welcome to The Raw Recap!

    Use the quick links below to jump to a specific match or segment.

    If you’re following the event with us live keep refreshing as updates will come through sporadically depending on match and segment length.

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Raw Recap feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Band Back Together

    Match 1: Balor, Angle & Strowman Vs. Lashley, Corbin & McIntyre

    Segment 2: Heavy Machinery Interviewed

    Match 2: Natalya Vs. Ruby Riott

    Segment 3: Attention Seeker

    Match 3: Tag Team Gauntlet Match

    Segment 4: Charlotte Flair Interviewed

    Match 4: Dean Ambrose Vs. Elias

    Segment 5: Last Chance

    Match 5: Tamina Vs. Sasha Banks

    Segment 6: Wrestling’s Fake

    Main Event: Raw Tag Team Championship Match

    Closing Segment: Hold Harmless

    The Raw Recap

    Segment 1

    Band Back Together

    Hello and welcome to Raw!

    Tonight’s show kicked off with Roman Reigns, who made his way to the ring while Michael Cole explained to us what had happened last week.

    When he eventually spoke Reigns got straight to the point. He said last week was the comeback, and tonight he took back his yard.

    Reigns said there was one person standing between him and what he wanted; his brother Seth Rollins.

    Reigns called Rollins to the ring so they could discuss it and Seth obliged.

    Before they got into it Rollins told Reigns last week was one of the greatest moments of HIS career, seeing his friend back after the fight of his life.

    Rollins vowed to use it as inspiration to Slay the Beast at Mania, and return the title to Raw where it belonged every single week.

    Rollins said he knew the feeling of having to vacate a title without ever losing it, and if there was anyone who deserved a shot as much as he did, it was Roman.

    Reigns said he thought Rollins knew everything… but he was wrong.

    Reigns said Rollins had watched over Raw and kept everyone in line during his absence, and he knew his friend had what it took to beat Brock at Mania.

    So all he had to say to Rollins was ‘Good Luck’.

    However, Reigns said he needed a favour…

    Rollins said he’d do anything, and Reigns said he wanted to get the band back together one last time.

    Paraphrasing Meatloaf, Rollins said he’d do anything… but he wouldn’t do that, not after what Ambrose did and when he did it.

    The fans chanted Shield, Reigns said he wanted it, the fans wanted it, tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed, life was too short, the most important thing they had was the relationships they forged and he wanted one more moment with his brothers before they might not be around any more.

    Rollins said he’d put that part of his life behind him… but Reigns was right, and if he wanted The Shield one last time then for him he was in.

    Reigns asked Ambrose to join them… and after an agonising wait his music hit and he sauntered out from the back.

    Before he could speak though Elias ran out with a guitar and blasted it across Dean’s back.

    Rollins and Reigns ran up the ramp to make the save but they were too late.

    Ambrose writhed around, overselling it a little, then sort of pushed Rollins away as he tried to help him up.

    Backstage Charly spoke to Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley about what just happened.

    McIntyre claimed he broke the Shield months ago, and what had just happened was 3 pathetic individuals living in the past.

    Corbin said they would beat Strowman, Balor and Angle tonight, proving where the real power lay.

    Lashley said Balor would learn tonight that he was only babysitting his IC Championship, and Corbin questioned how many times he’d have to beat Angle before he got the picture.

    Match 1

    6-Man Tag Team Match
    Finn Balor, Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman
    Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre
    (w/Lio Rush)

    Lio Rush was the big loser in this one, as he got Shoulder Barged through a barrier with massive force by Strowman.

    For some reason this took Strowman out too, despite him doing it in the past with little to no damage done.

    Angle had already been taken out of commission, so McIntyre tossed Balor into the ring and Lashley hit him with an admittedly nice Spear for the 3.

    After the match the trio took out Angle with the top of the Steel Steps, then tossed the base into the ring where they drove Finn into it with a Double Chokeslam.

    Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre win by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    Heavy Machinery Interviewed

    Backstage Charly showed Heavy Machinery a clip of The Ascension, The B Team and Ryder & Hawkins talking trash about them.

    They mocked how Otis looked and said he was stupid, and Viktor kept making really bad jokes and quite literally holding his sides when he laughed, like something out of a kids show.

    Back with Heavy Machinery, Otis talked quite coherently about how his feelings had been hurt, and Tucker said he would talk to the McMahons to make this situation right.

    Match 2

    Singles Match
    Ruby Riott
    (w/The Riott Squad)

    Natalya got a quick win here with a roll-up, then fled the ring before The Riott Squad could attack her.

    As Natalya left, Lacey Evans interrupted, walked down the ramp and back up again as she’s been doing for WEEKS now.

    When will this end?

    Natalya wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Attention Seeker

    After a recap of what happened to Ric Flair last week we headed backstage to the McMahon’s office.

    Stephanie spoke to two guys who are apparently from SNL, but I’ve never heard of either of them.

    One fo them got a cheap pop from the crowd while the other decided to promote New York which didn’t go over well with the fans.

    Steph warned him that things were a bit different in WWE and they might want to tread a little carefully, but he said he’d wrestled in college so it would be fine.

    Completely pointless interruption.

    Triple H then made his way to the ring to address Batista’s actions last week.

    While he did so we saw a video of big Dave from Twitter.

    Batista said he wouldn’t be on Raw tonight, not because he had other obligations or because he was scared of Triple H, but because he didn’t like Philly.

    Batista told Triple H they were going to play by his rules until the Game was Over.

    Back in the ring Triple H talked about his connection with Ric Flair, or rather Richard Fliehr.

    He talked about driving up and down the roads with him, how they had been there for each other through the best and the worst times.

    Trips said Ric had been next to him at his wedding (lies, we saw him marry Stephanie in a drive-thru chapel on his own!) and he’d attended a couple, but not all, of Ric’s weddings as there had been lots of them.

    Triple H talked about how he had stood with Ric as he buried his son Reid, and how when Ric was put in hospital he dreaded answering the phone because he thought it was going to be a doctor saying he had gone.

    The Game said he wanted to give Ric the chance to stand in the ring and do what he loved on his 70th birthday, a birthday he shouldn’t have even been at, but that had been taken away by Batista just because he wanted attention.

    Trips teed off on Dave, calling him a quitter whenever he didn’t get what he wanted, and said his twitter video was anything but original in it’s content.

    Triple H said he’d go whenever and wherever he had to, challenging Batista to have some balls and show up.

    Triple H said this wouldn’t be characters, or names on a marquee, when they stood face to face it would be the man not the character, and if Dave wanted his attention… he had it.

    Next up we saw a video package covering Rousey apparently walking out last week.

    We headed backstage where Charly caught up with Stephanie and asked for her reaction.

    Steph said Rousey had been disrespectful and blasphemous by laying the title on the canvas, and WWE had decided to do what was best for business and drop all charges against Becky Lynch.

    McMahon revealed Becky’s suspension had been lifted, and although she wasn’t fully fit she would sign a Holds Harmless agreement in order to face Charlotte at Fast Lane for the VACANT Raw Womens Championship.

    After commercials Roman Reigns found Dean Ambrose in the back.

    Reigns told him they could talk about anything, but Ambrose rambled about staying sharp and then walked away.

    Match 3

    Gauntlet Match
    Heavy Machinery
    The B Team

    So the tag teams not currently involved in the bout surrounded the ring for this match, making it a kind of Lumberjack Gauntlet bout.

    I don’t really get this, because The B Team and Ryder & Hawkins are supposed to be good guys, so it makes no sense they’d suddenly start throwing childish insults out towards a rookie team.

    The B Team got dealt with fairly quickly anyway.

    Gauntlet Match
    Heavy Machinery
    The Ascension

    The Ascension put up a bit more of a fight, but still came up short to a big Splash from the 2nd rope from Dozer.

    Gauntlet Match
    Heavy Machinery
    Hawkins & Ryder

    Back to the quick win for this final part of the bout.

    Dozer hit the Caterpillar on Hawkins for the 1..2..3.

    They must have big plans for these guys to job out 3 teams to them in one night.

    I mean I know they aren’t GOOD teams, but still.

    Heavy Machinery win by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    Charlotte Flair Interviewed

    Backstage the two SNL guys walked along a corridor talking about being WrestleMania ambassadors.

    The one who had the New York hat on said he knew lots about the WWE and was up to date, saying he liked The Bushwackers, Razor Ramon and couldn’t wait to find out what The Rock was cooking.

    The pair said they’d seen it all, but then they found EC3 looking at himself in a mirror, spritzing his body with a water bottle.

    They then bumped into Titus O’Neil who asked for a selfie… but just with one of them.

    Finally No Way Jose and his Rosebuds… sorry, Conga Line, went past.

    More pointlessness.

    After we found out Torrie Wilson would be entering the Hall of Fame, Charly interviewed Charlotte Flair.

    Flair talked about how arrogant Becky Lynch was, and even at her best she didn’t compare to ‘The Queen’.

    Charlotte vowed to put Becky on the shelf for good so the WWE Universe could bask in her glory when she became the Raw Womens Champion.

    Elsewhere Seth Rollins found Dean Ambrose backstage.

    Rollins said they hadn’t always gotten along, but brothers fought and even through everything there was always some mutual respect.

    Rollins said they had one shot to do things the right way.

    Ambrose said it wasn’t going to happen as he was preoccupied tonight and had to deal with his business in the ring on his own.

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    Match 4

    Singles Match
    Dean Ambrose

    When the show returned Elias had already started playing a derogatory song about Philly during the break.

    It was one of his better efforts, some really harsh lines in there.

    Eventually Ambrose interrupted, still selling the guitar shot from earlier in the show.

    This match wasn’t bad, but in the end Elias hit a big knee as Ambrose came off the top rope, scoring the 3.

    Cesaro wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 5

    Last Chance

    Immediately after his loss Rollins and Reigns headed to the ring to ask Ambrose one more time if he’d reform The Shield.

    It didn’t seem like the best plan, as Ambrose already looked fired up.

    He pushed past them and dropped to the outside of the ring, leaving through the crowd.

    As he did, Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre walked out onto the stage.

    Corbin told them to give it a rest, and McIntyre called the ‘Hounds of Justice’ three broken down mongrels fighting over the scraps that fell from THEIR table.

    McIntyre called them pathetic and said they WERE going to offer them an epic 3 on 3 match at Fast Lane, but The Shield didn’t deserve it so they were going to end it right now.

    As the bad guys surrounded the ring and attacked, Rollins and Reigns tried to fight back but the numbers game caught up to them.

    Ambrose looked torn but eventually he sprinted back tot he ring to make the save.

    The Shield quickly cleared the ring, then both Rollins and Reigns put their fist in.

    Ambrose took his time deciding, but eventually he joined them.

    Looks like we have The Shield Vs. McIntyre, Lashley and Corbin on Sunday!

    Match 5

    Singles Match
    (w/Nia Jax)
    Sasha Banks

    Nothing to write home about here.

    Sasha dominated, Nia got involved and the distraction allowed Tamina to hit a Superkick for the 3.

    Tamina wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 6

    Wrestling’s Fake

    Backstage these two SNL idiots continued to make ridiculous statements backstage.

    The one in the NY cap asked his pal if he wanted him to watch his back in the toilets, then said he wasn’t scared of any of the WWE guys.

    He immediately ran into Braun Strowman who tossed his cap away and did the big intimidation thing.

    He asked Strowman if any of what went on in the WWE was even real, so Strowman picked him up by his neck and pinned him against a wall.

    I hope we don’t have to put up with this all the way to WrestleMania.

    After commercials half the guys in the back tried to persuade Strowman to drop the ‘comedian’.

    He eventually did, and they made some more inane comments.

    Backstage Charly interviewed Aleister Black and Ricochet about their upcoming Tag Team Championship match.

    Black said they’d prove they belonged in the WWE tonight and Ricochet said they were ready to fly even higher than usual.

    Main Event Match

    Tag Team Championship Match
    The Revival (c)
    Ricochet & Aleister Black

    Moments into this match Roode and Gable walked out to ringside to watch.

    After commercials we saw a bit more action, but as The Revival ended up on the outside Roode and Gable attacked.

    This led to the DQ, which upset Ricochet and Black and they ended up brawling with the former champs too.

    The Revival win by Disqualification and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.

    Closing Segment

    Hold Harmless

    Steph made her way to the ring to round out the show, and immediately began over-egging how anything can happen in the run up to WrestleMania.

    OK we get it, anything can happen… just like the rest of the year.

    Steph showed a clip of Rousey ‘giving up’ the title, then brought Charlotte to the ring.

    I’m not sure why Charlotte has to be in the ring to watch Becky sign the Hold Harmless agreement, but there you go.

    Becky joined them, still on crutches.

    Stephanie explained the match we’d see at Fast Lane, dependent on Becky signing a hold harmless.

    Becky unzipped the folio Steph had brought with her to reveal a comically over-simplified contract inside, which looked like a 5 year old had made it in word.

    Charlotte goaded Becky despite her being happy to sign the document, and after some bickering she did just that.

    Seconds later we saw Ronda Rousey storming into the building via the parking lot.

    After commercials Ronda stomped out to the ring. I don’t know if she was trying to sell walking with a purpose, but she walked all weird.

    Anyway, Ronda said she hadn’t relinquished her title, she’d just given Steph a week to think about it, and she didn’t like what she had come up with.

    Ronda said she wanted Becky INCLUDING, not to be excluded herself.

    She took the belt back off McMahon, who handed it over quite willingly.

    Steph said Becky and Charlotte would still fight at Fast Lane. If Charlotte won then Becky was done, but if Becky won she’d get added to the title match at Mania.

    Ronda got all cocky, and said Steph was all about cash and knew she couldn’t fire her because she earned too much money, claiming she could walk out whenever she wanted and there was nothing McMahon could do about it.

    Rond spectacularly turned heel, saying the fans had shown her no respect when they booed her out of the Staples Center in her own hometown, so she no longer cared what they thought.

    Ronda thumped Charlotte out of the ring then beat the crap out of Becky while Steph fled up the ramp.

    Charlotte made no effort to help Becky, keeping out of it completely as Ronda applied Armbar after Armbar.

    Backstage Charly interviewed Stephanie.

    Steph said Ronda had shown her true colours and revealed the true animal she really was.

    Steph said she was no fan of Becky Lynch but nobody deserved what had just happened, and she was disgusted.

    McMahon said Rousey would get what was coming to her at WrestleMania.

    Steph wrapped up by saying Ronda was a loose cannon and she needed dealing with.

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