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    The Raw Recap – 3rd December 2018


    Hello and welcome to The Raw Recap!

    Use the quick links below to jump to a specific match or segment.

    If you’re following the event with us live keep refreshing as updates will come through sporadically depending on match and segment length.

    If you’ve got anything to say about the Raw Recap feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Quick Links

    Segment 1: Paying Tribute

    Match 1: Rousey & Natalya Vs. Jax & Tamina

    Segment 2: Q and A Part 2

    Match 2: Bayley & Banks Vs. James & Fox

    Segment 3: Getting Revenge

    Match 3: Scott Dawson Vs. The Lucha House Party

    Segment 4: Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night

    Match 4: Dolph Ziggler Vs. Drew McIntyre

    Segment 5: Not a Friend

    Match 5: Bobby Roode Vs. Drake Maverick

    Segment 6: Losing Control

    Match 6: Heath Slater Vs. Rhyno

    Match 7: Jinder Mahal Vs. Finn Balor

    Main Event: Tamina & Nia Jax Vs. Ronda Rousey & ???

    The Raw Recap

    Segment 1

    Paying Tribute

    Welcome to Raw everyone!

    Tonight’s show kicked off with a tribute to George Bush Snr. who passed away earlier in the day.

    When the show started properly we were straight into the action!

    Match 1

    Womens Tag Team Match
    Ronda Rousey & Natalya
    Nia Jax & Tamina

    Just as this bout was set to begin The Riott Squad’s music hit and they piled out from the back.

    Tamina and Nia used the distraction to get the jump on their opponents, and even though Ronda fought back they still ended up getting dominated.

    The Riott Squad set up a table and drove Natalya through it with force while Nia and Tamina stopped Ronda from making the save.

    I don’t know as this match even got started.

    Match ends in a No Contest.

    Segment 2

    Q and A Part 2

    After commercials we saw Ronda escorting a banged up Natalya through the back.

    Medics eventually showed up to check on her, leaving us to focus on Ronda who seethed at what had just happened.

    Back at ringside Alexa Bliss made her way out from the back and grabbed a microphone.

    Bliss explained that she was now in charge of the Womens Division, and promised to work as hard as she could to give everyone the best the Womens Division had to offer.

    She admitted her open forum didn’t go to plan last week, so they were going to give it another go tonight.

    Oh joy.

    Sacha and Bayley joined her in the ring, and just like last week Charly patrolled ringside waiting for Alexa to choose someone to ask a question.

    Bayley completely botched her opening line, asking when Alexa… wait no Alicia, Mickie and Fox… were going to jump them again.

    Bliss said she wanted to set the record straight, she had nothing to do with the attack and she had made sure DANA, ALICIA and MICKIE wouldn’t be able to attack tonight.

    Bliss then picked a couple of plants from the crowd to ask quuestions.

    The first, who looked about as ‘NXT’ as you can get, asked what they thought of the rumours that Sacha was just using Bayley.

    Sacha made a joke of it, then said they would be a tag team for the rest of their lives.

    Another question, this time from an attractive girl with pink hair, asked what their dream match would be against anyone in the business past or present.

    They both said Trish and Lita in a tag match at WrestleMania.

    A guy who looked like he had fashioned his look after Daniel Bryan asked what Super Power they would choose.

    Bayley said she’d have the ability to disappear, and the first thing she’d make disappear was Alexa.

    Another very buff audience member asked what changes they planned to bring to the Womens division in 2019.

    Bayley said they’d like to be the first Womens Tag Team Champions.

    Dana, Mickie and Foxy shot out from the back, but Alexa cut them off and told them they wouldn’t pull a stunt like they did last week.

    Bliss booked Sacha and Bayley against Mickie and Alicia, telling Dana she could stay at ringside if she liked.

    Match 2

    Womens Tag Team Match
    Bayley & Sacha Banks
    Alicia Fox & Mickie James
    (w/Dana Brooke)

    Bayley and Banks got the win here fairly quickly.

    Sacha almost won it with the Bank Statement, but it was a minute or so later when Bayley hit the Bayley2Belly for the 3.

    After the bell Bliss applauded the win.

    Bayley & Sacha Banks win by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Getting Revenge

    Backstage Rousey caught up with Alexa and chewed her out for what happened at the start of the show.

    Bliss said she thought she’d booked a good match, but she had already taken action and sent The Riott Squad home and she would be addressing their actions next week.

    Rousey threatened to get her hands on Nia and Tamina tonight whether it was in the ring or backstage.

    Biss said she’d help Ronda find a new tag partner, but Rousey said she didn’t trust her and she’d find a partner of her own.

    After a promo video telling us what a great job Baron Corbin had been doing as a G.M we saw Roode and Lashley enter his office.

    The pair demanded a re-match with AOP for the titles, and Roode demanded he get his hands on Drake Maverick for peeing all over his robe.

    Corbin said they could have another tag title match… provided Roode could beat Maverick tonight.

    Roode asked what the catch was and Corbin said he wasn’t the bad guy people painted him out to be… but Gable and AOP would be banned from ringside.

    Match 3

    Singles Match
    Scott Dawson
    (w/Dash Wilder)
    The Lucha House Party

    So this 1 on 1 match ended up being Lucha House Party rules which essentially made it a 3 on 1 bout.

    I really don’t get how you can have a face stable playing by these heelish rules.

    Gran Metalik got the win with a Senton off the ropes.

    The Lucha House Party win by Pinfall.

    Segment 4

    Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night

    Backstage we saw Corbin having a go at yet another stagehand who brought him a box.

    Corbin dismissed the guy having looked at what was in the package, saying he thought Drew would love it.

    After commercials the G.M had made his way down to the ring.

    He bleated on about becoming permanent Raw G.M at TLC, and said he deserved it so ultimately he would get it.

    He then played a video package of Drew McIntyre’s dominance since returning to Raw.

    McIntyre joined Corbin in the ring and the G.M awarded him ‘Raw’s Gold Medal of Excellence’, saying the show needed a new Gold Medalist now Kurt was gone.

    The medal was just about the most ugly thing I’ve ever seen.

    McIntyre said he was grateful and talked about how much he was needed on Raw because everyone had gotten complacent, interacting with fans too much, playing video games etc.

    Drew moved on to Finn Balor, the supposed voice of the pathetic fans.

    McIntyre called him a boy in a mans world and vowed to hurt Balor at TLC.

    Dolph Ziggler’s music interrupted. Interesting.

    Ziggler said McIntyre must have had a memory lapse because they had a deal; he brought Drew to Raw and together they dominated, Drew as the muscle and him as the brains.

    Ziggler said his invitation to the party must have got lost in the mail, but Drew said there wasn’t one.

    McIntyre said HE was the muscle AND the brains, and he always had been, but he had ceased being useful.

    Drew said Dolph’s job was to get him into the limelight, and for the first time in his career he had achieved his goal.

    McIntyre told Ziggler to leave, claiming he was the reason Dolph had become relevant for the first time in 10 years.

    Ziggler thumped McIntyre then floored him with a Zig-Zag.

    As Dolph went to leave Corbin called him back, booking a bout between Ziggler and McIntyre there and then.

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    Match 4

    Singles Match
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre

    I knew Ziggler had no chance in this match, but I just hoped he could at least stay competitive.

    Part way through the beating McIntyre grabbed a microphone and said he had been going easy on Dolph because he still had a soft spot for him, so now he was going to pretend he was someone he didn’t like… Finn Balor.

    Speak of the devil and he will appear, as Finn Balor walked out from the back to watch the match not long afterwards.

    After roundly beating Ziggler on the outside Drew tossed him back into the ring, right into the official’s legs.

    During the scuffle Balor Dropkicked McIntyre into the barriers.

    McIntyre just barely beat the 10 count, but he ate a Superkick seconds later which won Ziggler the match.

    Dolph’s first 1 on 1 loss since returning to Raw.

    Dolph Ziggler wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 5

    Not a Friend

    After commercials Charly spoke to Drew McIntyre backstage.

    She asked if it was wise to dump a friend like Ziggler when there were other people like Finn Balor already targeting him.

    McIntyre said Ziggler wasn’t a friend he was an asset, but he was no longer useful.

    McIntyre called Ziggler a parasite who had laid dormant for 10 years before latching on to the Scottish Terminator.

    McIntyre said most weren’t aware of the disturbing, depraved lengths he would go to, but Ziggler was and he was close to experiencing them,

    Elias hit the ring next and performed, tossing in some insults Bobby Lashley’s way.

    Accompanied by Lio Rush, Bobby interrupted.

    Rush sang his client’s praises and made him do some bodybuilding taunts (including the one where he sticks his arse out) which seemed to enrage Elias.

    The pair ended up brawling at the top of the ramp, Elias getting the better of things.

    Lashley and Rush fled, but Balor showed up to toss Lio back on the stage, where Elias wrapped his guitar over the hype mans back.

    Backstage Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers entered Corbin’s office.

    Jinder offered to deal with Finn Balor for him and Corbin said he liked that idea.

    Jinder left, and in walked Rhyno and Slater.

    Corbin told them that Raw couldn’t afford to keep both of them around, then asked one of them to quit and save the other guys job.

    Neither wanted to, so Corbin booked them in a match, the loser getting fired on the spot.

    Match 5

    Singles Match
    Bobby Roode
    Drake Maverick

    I’ve seen Spud fight quite a few times, I’ve even stood and chatted with him at length on a couple of occasions, and as nice a guy as he is, he’s the least intimidating person in the world.

    Corbin never had any intention of making this fair though.

    As Roode toyed with Maverick, we saw The AOP beating up Chad Gable in the back.

    Corbin showed up and said he had decided to make this bout a 3 on 2 handicap match.

    Roode tried to finish the match quickly but couldn’t, then got jumped as AOP finally made it to the ring.

    Gable hobbled down a minute or so later but the damage was already done.

    The AOP hit the Super Collider then tagged in Maverick so he could cover Roode himself.

    Drake Maverick & The AOP win by Pinfall.

    Segment 6

    Losing Control

    So it looks like they are REALLY going to town with this Ambrose is afraid of germs bit.

    A SWAT team wearing gas masks lined the ramp while a kind of air-raid siren went off.

    Ambrose’s music hit, and the siren continued throughout as he made his way to the ring also wearing a gas mask.

    Ambrose started to deliver the promo through the mask, sounding like a mixture of Darth Vader and Bane, before eventually taking it off and rendering the wearing of it useless in the first place.

    Ambrose said he was attacked last week with very little provocation, but it had been quite easy to rile Seth Rollins up because he was needy and emotional… just like the fans.

    Ambrose branded Rollins a control freak, a scumbag and the biggest lowlife on the planet but the fans cheered for him because he pandered to them.

    He said he used to be proud of being in The Shield, but then Rollins and Reigns decided they wanted to be role models and sell out, but he refused as he had integrity.

    Ambrose said the only thing he was guilty of was trusting people, but no more because he was proud to now stand alone in the ring as the moral compass of the WWE.

    Dean delivered a message about TLC directly to Rollins, saying The Architect would lose control of everything, including the IC Championship.

    Rollins music interrupted and Ambrose sent his team up the ramp, but Seth came through the crowd and attacked.

    He dumped Ambrose out of the ring and took out the security one by one.

    Ambrose fled through the crowd but Rollins caught him and they brawled among the fans.

    As they returned to ringside Ambrose grabbed his gas mask and used it as a weapon which ultimately gave him the upper hand.

    Dean hit Dirty Deeds on the outside, then dragged Rollins into the ring so he could hit him with another one.

    After commercials Charly spoke to Nia Jax and Tamina.

    She revealed that Ronda Rousey had selected Ember Moon to be her partner tonight.

    Nia said it was a shame, because they were hoping Charly was going to be Ronda’s partner tonight.

    Nia pretty much called Ember ugly, and said they’d rearrange her appearance just like she did with Becky Lynch.

    Nia said they would torture Ronda, which was just another step on her epic road to reclaiming the Womens Championship.

    Please can someone get these guys a manager.

    Match 6

    Singles Match
    Heath Slater

    Rhyno and Slater walked to the ring together, but as soon as the bell rang Rhyno was all business.

    Slater got beaten down for most of the match, but he hit a Neckbreaker and covered for a quick 3 after dodging a spear in the corner.

    Neither man looked happy about the result.

    After commercials Corbin congratulated Slater, but Heath asked if there was anything he could do for Rhyno.

    Corbin said all Slater could do was his NEW job, handing him a referee shirt.

    Heath Slater wins by Pinfall.

    Match 7

    Singles Match
    Jinder Mahal
    (w/The Singh Brothers)
    Finn Balor

    As Samir and Sunil Singh got involved in the match Apollo Crews showed up and took them out.

    Mahal took Crews out in turn, but this allowed Balor to take control of the match.

    He hit a Dropkick in the corner then a Coup De Grace for the 3.

    After commercials Charly spoke to Finn Balor backstage. He barely had chance to say anything though before Drew McIntyre jumped him and beat the hell out of him.

    Finn Balor wins by Pinfall.

    Main Event Match

    Womens Tag Team Match
    Nia Jax & Tamina
    Ronda Rousey & Ember Moon

    I don’t know how Tamina is Main Eventing Raw. In fact I don’t really know how she still has a job…

    I mean even if you discount all the stuff about her dad ALLEGEDLY being a murderer (which really shouldn’t be held against her, but this is the WWE and it wouldn’t be the first time a family member’s indiscretions reflected badly on them) shes terrible on the microphone, not much better in the ring and almost constantly injured.

    She had a place when she was this fairly unique bigger female wrestler with a heritage, but she no longer goes by the ‘Snuka’ name and Nia is doing the Amazonian thing better than she does.

    She’s no better in the ring now than when she made her debut 8 years ago, in fact she may well have gotten worse.

    I just don’t see a place for her with all the super-talented women coming through the ranks right now.

    But I digress, she ended up losing this match, tapping out to the Arm Bar after Ember hit her with the Eclipse.

    Ronda Rousey & Ember Moon wins by Pinfall.

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