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    The Undertaker Vs. The Ultimate Warrior: Their 1991 Feud in the World Wrestling Federation

    WWEBlog Blast from the Past Banner

    Blast from the Past The Undertaker Vs. The Ultimate WarriorThe Ultimate Warrior was seemingly unstoppable.

    He’d been Intercontinental Champion since SummerSlam 1989, and had “the gods” and all of his “little warriors” at his side to give him strength. At WrestleMania VI on April 1 1990 he defeated the Immortal Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship in his greatest achievement yet. But The Ultimate Warrior had one fear that he had yet to conquer; death.

    The Undertaker was Death’s best friend, and he used it to his advantage against Warrior.

    The Undertaker Locks The Ultimate Warrior in a Casket

    The Undertaker shocked wrestling fans and everyone in the WWF when he attacked The Ultimate Warrior, who was a guest on Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlour. Bearer presented to The Ultimate Warrior a casket covered in Warrior’s symbols and accused Warrior of being afraid of death, and of being afraid to face The Undertaker in the ring. Warrior grabbed Bearer by the lapels and told him that it was not his time to be buried, and he feared nothing, not even death itself.

    The Undertaker then attacked Warrior from behind with clubbing blows and hit him in the head repeatedly with the urn.

    Though Warrior fought back valiantly, Undertaker was able to place Warrior inside his custom-made casket. He and Bearer locked him inside, then left with the key. Officials had to use chisels, crowbars and drills before they could open the casket. Warrior was found unconscious.

    Jake “The Snake” Roberts Offers to Help Ultimate Warrior Learn The Undertaker’s Secrets

    Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who was friends with darkness, offered to help The Ultimate Warrior learn the secrets of the dark side so he could beat Undertaker at his own game. “Trust me, Warrior,” Roberts said. Roberts had Warrior lie in the same casket that Undertaker had locked him in, and counselled him to release his fears, to which Ultimate Warrior incessantly growled and snorted like an animal in response.

    Roberts locked Warrior in the casket, and when he opened it again, he declared Warrior to have the look of the Undertaker in his eyes, indicating that Warrior had taken an important first step in his fight against the dark side.

    The next task was even more sinister. “Bury me, Snake Man!” Ultimate Warrior yelled as Jake “The Snake” buried him in a grave that Warrior had dug for himself.

    The third task had Warrior stepping into a room where a coffin sat with Jake’s snake Lucifer inside it. “Grab Lucifer by the throat” Roberts said “and you will receive the final answer that you need to defeat The Undertaker.”

    Warrior said he trusted Roberts and stepped inside the room.

    Roberts turned on the light and Warrior quailed at the sight of dozens of snakes slithering around the room, but Roberts told him to trust him and continue toward the casket. Warrior made his way to the box and when he opened it a snake sprang out and bit him.

    He writhed in agony, and Roberts told him to fall like the common man that he was, revealing his deception toward the Warrior.

    Warrior busted the door down and continued to fight off the snake venom. He looked up to see The Undertaker and Paul Bearer looming over him and reached his hand out to Roberts. “Never trust a snake,” Roberts told Warrior, and Warrior lay back on the floor and was silent.

    The End of the Feud Between Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior

    The build-up of the feud between Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior ended up being better than the end product. The two wrestled against each other in house shows in body-bag matches and the odd TV bout, but it never culminated in a pay-per-view match between the pair of them.

    But it gave Undertaker his first big feud and gave the Warrior a chance to have a decent storyline before he left the WWF, and many fans remember the Taker/Warrior feud well, which is often enough to make it successful in wrestling history.



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