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    Fastlane 2019 Live Results

    Live as-they-happen Results from Fastlane 2019!

    Hello and welcome to WWEBlog’s Live coverage of Fast Lane 2019!

    Before reading on why not check out our Previews and Predictions article:

    Fastlane 2019 Previews and Predictions

    To make it easier for you to navigate through the results I’ll put links here to each match so you can jump to them in the blink of an eye rather than scrolling through reams of text.

    Check out the ‘Confirmed Matches‘ page to find out what matches are scheduled for tonight.

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    Quick Links

    Pre-Show Match: The New Day Vs. Rusev & Nakamura

    Match 1: Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
    Match 2: Smackdown Womens Championship Match
    Match 3: The Bar Vs. Kofi Kingston
    Match 4: Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
    Match 5: United States Championship Fatal 4 Way Match
    Match 6: Womens Tag Team Championship Match
    Match 7: WWE Championship Triple Threat
    Match 8: Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch
    Main Event: The Shield Vs. Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre

    Fastlane 2019 Live Results!

    Welcome to Fastlane everyone!

    The pre-show is underway and we’re just waiting to find out which match will be up first so hang tight and check back soon!

    A few updates while we wait for the first match to start…

    • - There WILL be a US Championship Fatal 4 Way tonight, same as the one on Smackdown, which begs the question ‘why waste it on Smackdown?’
      That also means the Mysterio/Andrade match has been pulled from the card.
    • - Gallows and Anderson have rejected a new WWE contract and look set to leave… so watch out for them winning the Smackdown Championships soon!
    • - Luke Harper wrestled a house show last night… which ties in very nicely with Kevin Owens admission he has ‘no friends’ left to back him up.
      A partnership between Owens and Harper wouldn’t make THAT much sense, but with Rowan being in Bryan’s corner it suddenly works.

    Pre-Show Match 1

    Tag Team Match
    The New Day
    Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

    Just prior to this match Kevin Owens spoke to Kayla backstage.

    He said the usual stuff; that he’s going to win the belt etc.

    The New Day interrupted, and Kofi told him he had no hard feelings, tonight was his shot and he wished him well.

    Owens said that meant a lot to him, and he wished them good luck in the tag bout.

    Just as The New Day were about to head to the ring a guy in a suit appeared and sheepishly told Kofi that the McMahons had asked to see him in their office.


    I’ll be back when we have a winner!

    Solid match despite not having any real reason to be on the card.

    I thought Rusev had it with a Machca Kick on Big E after Lana knocked Xavier from the top rope, but The New Day somehow survived.

    Moments later they hit Up, Up, Down, Down for the 1..2..3.

    The New Day win by Pinfall.

    Match 1

    Smackdown Tag Team Match
    The Usos
    The Miz & Shane McMahon (c)

    Welcome to Fastlane proper!

    We’re kicking off with the Smackdown Championship match and BOY have they been hammering home the point that we’re in Miz’s hometown.

    They mentioned it about 100 times in the pre-show, he was introduced as ‘Cleveland’s Own’ and the commentators have pointed it out multiple times and we’re only a few minutes in.

    I’ll be back when something develops!

    There were some very strange spots in this match, but none more bizarre than what happened as the bout came to a close.

    Shane set up on one corner for the Coast to Coast, while one of The Usos set up for a Frog Splash onto The Miz.

    Both men jumped at once, and Shane intercepted the Flying Uso with a Dropkick.

    In the aftermath The Miz’s dad told him to go to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash of his own.

    Miz did this, but the Uso he went to hit (I think it was Jimmy, could have been Jey) got their knees up, then rolled him up for the 3.

    Looks like I might have been wrong here, Miz and Shane are still on the same page by the look of things, MIz is helping Shane around the ring and apologising…

    Miz and his dad are hugging it out… lots of hand raising going on…

    WOW! Shane has turned! Shane just took Miz’s head off!

    He’s beating the crap out of Miz at ringside! I backed the wrong horse!

    Shanes going after Miz’s dad now. Shane is choking Miz out right in front of his dad.

    Why Shane, Why?!

    The Usos win by Pinfall and retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

    Segment 1

    Impromptu Performance

    Backstage Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin spoke to a handheld camera a’la The Shield’s old promos.

    They said they would put The Shield out of action once and for all.

    Nothing particularly insightful.

    Back in the ring Elias had set up for a performance.

    He sang a derogatory song about Cleveland, including a few scathing lines about The Miz and his dad.

    Match 2

    Smackdown Womens Championship Match
    Asuka (c)
    Mandy Rose
    (w/Sonya Deville)

    This is on earlier than I expected.

    Oh well, I’ll be back when Asuka retain the gold…

    Not a bad match, but a VERY strange finish.

    With Mandy still very much in contention, Sonya Deville went under the ring to grab a Kendo Stick.

    Mandy then got whipped into the apron and ‘tripped’ over the ring skirt that Deville had left up.

    Except she didn’t, as in the replays you can see she just sort of trailed her leg near it and then fell over.

    Asuka hit a big kick afterward and covered for the 3.

    Asuka wins by Pindall and retains the Smackdown Womens Championship.

    Segment 2

    Second Chance

    Backstage The New Day caught up with Kofi, who said the McMahon’s had him stood outside the office this whole time.

    Xavier and Big E burst in and asked McMahon why he had kept Kofi waiting, but Vince said he’d been waiting for Kofi for over an hour.

    Big E and Xavier pleaded Kofi’s case, and implored Vince to make tonight’s Main Event a Triple Threat.

    Vince agreed, but barred Big E and Xavier from ringside.

    He told Kofi he had to go right now as the title match was coming up.


    That’s all I have to ask, why pull Kofi out of this match only to re-insert him right at the last minute.

    Wait… sometihng’s going on…

    Kofi is ready for the title match in the ring… but the ring announcer has just been informed of something…

    OK so the WWE Championship Match isn’t taking place right now after all… and instead The Bar are going 2 on 1 with Kofi?

    This is all very strange, tonight’s PPV has been bizarre.

    Match 3

    2 on 1 Handicap Match
    The Bar
    Kofi Kingston

    This is a handicap match in the truest sense, with no tags for The Bar.

    I’ll be back soon!

    Kofi took a beating is the bottom line here.

    Eventually Xavier and Big E tried to make the save, but Rusev and Nakamura showed up to stop them.

    The Bar hit their White Noise finisher for the 3.

    The Bar win by Pinfall.

    Segment 3

    Bayley & Sasha Interviewed

    Backstage Bayley and Sasha talked about their title match.

    They said they didn’t take the belts for granted, and it wasn’t enough for them to just be the first Champions, they wanted to be the best of all time and they’d be defending the belts across all 3 brands.

    After a short commercial Elias played ANOTHER song in the ring.

    This time he hurled abuse at The New Day, The Miz and Cleveland.

    Backstage Kayla asked Shane McMahon if he had an explanation for what he did to Miz.

    Shane just shrugged and walked into the McMahon office.

    Match 4

    Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
    The Revival (c)
    Ricochet & Aleister Black
    Roode & Gable

    I’m going to grab a quick snack!

    I’ll be back when we have a result!

    Good match, great showing for Ricochet and Black.

    The end of the match saw Gable get hit with a Shatter Machine, which saw The Revival retain the titles.

    After the bell Roode attacked them, then Black and Ricochet took everyone out.

    The Revival win by Pinfall and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.

    Match 5

    United States Championship Fatal 4 Way Match
    Samoa Joe (c)
    Rey Mysterio

    I hope this is as good as when we saw it on Smackdown!

    Well, I have to say it was just about as good, just with a much less surprising outcome.

    Rey did some stuff in this match I’ve never seen anyone do before which is impressive given how long he has been around.

    Zelina and Carmella briefly went at it on the outside, meaning their respective Superstars had to step in.

    This allowed Joe to hit Mysterio with a Sambo Suplex and cover, but it was broken up at the last second.

    Mysterio recovered, but failed to hit a Frog Splash and got tied up in a Coquina Clutch, eventually passing out.

    Samoa Joe wins by Submission and retains the United States Championship.

    Match 6

    Womens Tag Team Championship Match
    Bayley & Sasha Banks (c)
    Tamina & Nia Jax

    Beth Phoenix joined commentary for this match.

    Surely Tamina and Nia have no chance here?

    I guess we’ll soon find out.

    Bang average match here, unsurprisingly won by the Champs after Bayley rolled Nia up.

    After the bell Jax and Tamina beat the crap out of their opponents around the commentary desk.

    Eventually Beth Phoenix got involved, and caught a hell of a beating herself.

    Natalya showed up to make the save, but sh got caught and beaten down too.

    Bayley & Sasha Banks retain the titles by Pinfall.

    Match 7

    WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
    Kevin Owens
    Mustafa Ali
    Daniel Bryan (c)

    So it IS a Triple Threat, but Mustafa Ali has Kofi’s spot.

    This whole PPV is one big fat mess, huh?

    I’ll be back when we have a winner!

    Remember a few years ago, before Bryan’s injury and retirement, he was the hottest thing going with the fans.

    Everyone expected him to win The Rumble, but he got eliminated really early and without much fanfare, and from that point on the crowd absolutely shat on the match, chanting for a guy that wasn’t even in it any more?

    WWE accidentally created that situation back then, but tonight they engineered that same environment completely by choice.

    For the majority of the bout the fans chanted for Kofi in one way or another, largely disinterested in what was going on in the ring.

    One spot stood out in the mind during this match though, as Bryan dropkicked Ali fro the top rope and he crashed to the security barrier below.

    It looked terrible but thankfully he was able to continue the bout and didn’t seem too beaten up.

    It looked like Ali might even win he title when he hit a Spanish Fly from the top rope on Bryan, but Owens split things up and hit Mustafa with a Stunner.

    This time it was Bryan’s turn to make the save and the match carried on.

    The end of the match saw Ali go for some sort of springboard move, only to clatter into Bryan’s double knee strike.

    It looked horrible, but it was enough to get the 3.

    Daniel Bryan wins by Pinfall and retains the WWE Championship.

    Match 8

    Singles Match
    Charlotte Flair
    Becky Lynch

    Let’s see, how did I predict this would go down in my Previews and Predictions?

    10-15 minutes of Charlotte targetting Becky’s knee, with Lynch coming through to steal the win at the end.

    That’s just about exactly what we saw here, except the way Becky got the win came as a result of interference from Ronda Rousey.

    Charlotte had the Figure 8 locked in, Rousey hit the ring and Elbow Dropped Becky.

    The official called it and we have our Triple Threat at Mania.

    Becky Lynch wins by Disqualification.

    Segment 4

    Out of Nowhere

    Elias performed AGAIN here.

    After he had finished Lacey Evans strolled down the ramp.

    This distracted Elias… Orton showed up and hit him with an RKO outta nowhere which the fans loved.

    However as Orton celebrated A.J Styles showed up and hit Randy with a Phenomenal Forearm.

    I guess we have another match set for Mania.

    Main Event Match

    3 on 3  Tag Team Match
    Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre
    The Shield

    LOTS of noise made tonight about how this is the last time we would EVER see The Shield as Dean Ambrose has not re-signed his WWE contract and would be leaving very soon.

    I’m surprised they acknowledged this, and it makes me think something is going on, I guess we’ll find out soon.

    No sign of Lio Rush tonight, I guess he must have the night off.

    If this had been switched around with the WWE Championship match I don’t think this would have been bad, but it wasn’t Main Event neccessary and it just made me hope it came to and end sooner rather than later.

    It didn’t.

    Eventually The Shield put one of their opponents through the announce table with a Triple Powerbomb, then hit Corbin with one in the ring and covered for the three.

    The Shield win by Pinfall.

    Card as of 16/02/2019.
    Please note card is subject to change.


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