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    Elimination Chamber 2019 Live Results

    Live as-they-happen results from Elimination Chamber 2019!

    Hello and welcome to WWEBlog’s Live coverage of Elimination Chamber 2019!

    Before reading on why not check out our Previews and Predictions articles:

    Elimination Chamber 2019 Previews and Predictions

    To make it easier for you to navigate through the results I’ll put links here to each match so you can jump to them in the blink of an eye rather than scrolling through reams of text.

    Check out the ‘Confirmed Matches‘ page to find out what matches are scheduled for tonight.

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    Quick Links

    Pre-Show Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match

    Match 1: Womens Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match
    Match 2: Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
    Match 3: Intercontinental Championship 2 on 1 Handicap Match
    Match 4: Raw Womens Championship Match
    Match 5: Baron Corbin Vs. Braun Strowman
    Main Event: WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

    Elimination Chamber 2019 Live Results!

    Pre-Show Match

    Cruiserweight Championship Match
    Buddy Murphy (c)
    Akira Tozawa

    Welcome to the Elimination Chamber Pre-Show everyone!

    So far tonight we’ve had The Bar and Heavy Machinery arguing on the Kick-Off Panel, Charlotte Flair telling Ruby Riott to beat the crap out of Ronda Rousey, Mojo Rawley going crazy at his mirror again and Alexa Bliss taking credit for a match she isn’t even in.

    Leo Sayer lookalike Sam Roberts has also been on the kick-off panel making some pretty controversial comments.

    They included his opinion that Becky Lynch hadn’t really been screwed over and didn’t earn her shot at Mania (she won the Rumble so she did) and that Ronda Rousey didn’t have a very strong brain.

    His words, not mine.

    Anyway, we’re just about to see Cruiserweight action so I’ll be back when we have a winner!

    Showing little respect for the match going on in the ring, we headed backstage to speak to Kofi Kingston ahead of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match.

    Big E and Xavier explained that Kofi was busy getting a pre-match massage but they would speak on his behalf.

    They said he had no problems with endurance (Arf arf) and Xavier said Kofi had been overlooked for years, and they often had to remind themselves that they were stabled up with a true legend.

    They said Kofi would win tonight and started chanting ‘Kofi Rocks’.

    This match went on for ages, and although it had some nice spots I just didn’t get into it like I did the 4-Way at The Rumble.

    Still some good stuff and light enough for the Pre-Show.

    Tozawa came close, but Murphy escaped the Iron Octopus and hit Murphy’s Law for the 3.

    After the match Kevin Owens sent a message out saying he’d be watching Elimination Chamber with his family and he’d just picked up a pizza.

    It was hard to tell if he was face or heel as he said he would be rooting for Finn Balor and The Ruitt Squad.

    Back in the arena Mark Henry spoke to Charly at on the stage, boy he looks like he’s lost some timber.

    He gave a shout-out to his home-state and the Cruiserweight bout we’d just seen, then gave his take on the Elimination Chamber.

    He backed The IIconics and Kofi to win.

    Buddy Murphy wins by Pinfall and retains the Cruiserweight Championship.

    Match 2

    WWE Womens Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber Match
    Bayley & Sasha Banks
    Carmella & Naomi
    The IIconics
    Tamina & Nia Jax
    Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
    The Riott Squad

    Welcome to Elimination Chamber everyone!

    Wow, I thought this would be the Main Event, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

    As we already know, Banks & Bayley and Rose & Deville are kicking off this bout.

    Carmella got a surprisingly positive response from the crowd, I guess not many people have read about her and Graves.

    Interestingly the rules of the match said pods would be opened at ‘regularly scheduled intervals’, didn’t it used to be an actual time like 5 minutes?

    I’ll be back when a pod opens or we have an elimination!

    Here we go… the first pod opens and it’s…

    The Riott Squad!

    Bayley and Sasha had gained control of the match just before the buzzer, annihilating Rose and Deville on the outside.

    The Riott Squad have taken Banks and Bayley out of contention, and now we’re seeing these two very similar Tag Teams going at it in the form of The Riott Squad and the former members of Absolution (or Fire and Desire as Cole keeps insisting on calling them.)

    Huge spot from the top rope sees everyone taken out all at once!

    The clock is up again… here come…

    The IIconics!

    Kay and Royce just covered EVERY woman in the ring, but couldn’t get a 3 on any of them.

    Nice little bit.

    The IIconics have been dominant since coming into the match, we’ve never seen this from them, they still haven’t been able to eliminate anyone though.

    The clock’s up…

    Here come Naomi and Carmella!

    I don’t expect them to last all that long.

    The crowd seem less receptive to them here as they get the ‘new team dominance’ treatment.

    I could have sworn I just heard a ‘homewrecker’ chant.

    Massive finisherfest of sorts… and everyone is down and out.

    Mandy and Naomi are getting their spot now, it’s probably the only genuine rivalry in there.


    Naomi hits Mandy with the Rear View, Peyton Royce rolls Naomi up and Billie Kay flipped over her to double up the pin!


    Elimination : Carmella and Naomi are eliminated.

    The IIconics celebrated a little too long and all the other teams surrounded them… but here come the final team… Nia Jax and Tamina!

    The IIconics have cleverly locked themselves back in their pod, but it doesn’t look like they are going to be able to keep Nia and Tamina out.

    I think the end could be near for my picks…

    Double Samoan Drops.

    Elimination : The IIconics are eliminated.

    Smackdown getting a bit of a pasting here, but then doesn’t that happen every time Raw and Smackdown go head to head?

    Having seen how badly hiding in a pod went for The IIconics, The Riott Squad have chosen to hide out on top of a pod to gain some rest-bite.

    No wait, they just jumped off and took everyone out.

    Jax is back up though… Samoan Drop from the 2nd rope to Liv Morgan.

    Superfly Splash to both members of the Riott Squad! 1..2..3.

    Elimination : The Riott Sqaud are eliminated.

    Jax just put herself through a pod trying to spear Bayley!

    She looks like she’s out cold, I think she hit it harder than she probably should have.

    Tamina is getting destroyed in the ring now, it’s 4 on 1.

    Multiple finishers, everyone is covering her… 1..2..3.!

    Elimination : Nia Jax & Tamina are eliminated.

    We’re down to 2!

    Surely Mandy and Sonya aren’t going to do it?!

    Corey Graves just mentioned his kids watching… awkward.

    Backstabber into a Bayley2Belly on Deville!

    1..2.. Mandy Rose makes the save at the last possible second.

    Rose and Bayley are on top of one of the pods now… and Sacha… what’s going on here?

    Calling back to last year when Sasha turned on Bayley up there… They have Mandy ready to throw her off.

    Sonya’s here to make the save but Bayley kicks her fingers and she drops.

    Mandy has recovered, she pushes Bayley off and Sonya spears her into the metal support of the pod.


    Sasha is checking on her, but Rose takes advantage and hurls her into another pod, then hits her finisher!

    Has to be it… 1..2.. No, Banks kicks out!

    Deville spears Rose by accident! Turning point!

    Bank Statement! No, it’s something else, using her foot!

    Deville taps out!

    We have first-ever Womens Tag Team Champions!

    Solid Chamber match they made good use of the environment and there were some nice spots.

    Charly is in the ring… asking how they feel.

    Fighting back tears, and with a ‘You Deserve It’ chant ringing out around the arena both women said they were lost for words.

    Sasha said they had done it for themselves, for the fans and for every woman in the back.

    Beth Phoenix is crying, Corey Graves is crying, Renee Young is crying… even Michael Cole sounded a bit teary.

    Bayley & Sasha Banks win by Pinfall and become the FIRST EVER WWE Womens Tag Team Champions.

    Match 2

    Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
    The Usos
    The Miz & Shane McMahon (c)

    On to the Tag Championships now.

    Miz has a microphone…

    He congratulated Bayley and Sasha for making history then said tonight’s bout was dedicated to his dad, his daughter and his wife Maryse.

    Maryse walked out and the pair said they had a big announcement… they were having another baby!

    I’m surprised they didn’t keep that for an episode of Miz and Mrs.

    Anyway, I’m curious about this one, I guess we’ll see what happens soon!

    By the way, there’s a guy in the crowd who looks like Will from The Inbetweeners dressed as a Conquistador, it’s VERY distracting.

    Wow what a match.

    Shane put it ALL on the line in this bout hitting some huge high risk offense.

    I said The Usos had no chance given Jimmy getting arrested earlier this week, but that clearly meant nothing.

    Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Jimmy, but as Miz rolled him up, Jimmy reversed it for the quick 3.

    We have new Champs!

    After the match Miz told Shane he was sorry and the pair walked up the ramp together.

    I didn’t see that coming.

    The Usos win by Pinfall and become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions.

    Segment 1

    Bobby and Lio Interviewed

    Backstage Dasha interviewed Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley.

    She asked if Lio was the weakest link, and pointed out that if Bobby was taken out of the picture somehow, Finn could pin Rush and take the belt without beating the Champ.

    Lio said the advantage was on their side, nobody was stronger than Lashley, he was the sizzle and his client was the steak.

    Dasha pointed out Lio had lost to Balor a couple of weeks ago, but Bobby cut the interview short and the pair left.

    The backstage interviewers are getting a lot more aggressive these days.

    Match 3

    Intercontinental Championship 2 on 1 Handicap Match
    Bobby Lashley (c) & Lio Rush
    Finn Balor

    I’m gonna grab a snack and a drink, I’ll be back when we have a winner here!

    So all that stuff Dasha said in the interview before the match… yeah that happened.

    Balor isolated Rush and stopped him tagging Lashley in, then took both of his opponents out with a Suicide Dive flip over the top rope.

    He tossed Rush back into the ring, hit the Coup De Grace and covered for the 3.

    Lashley went after him following the match but Balor fled up the ramp.

    An angry Lashley blamed his hype man for the loss, slamming him to the canvas with a One Handed Spinebuster.

    This is a shame, Lashley was over with Rush in his corner.

    Finn Balor wins by Pinfall and becomes the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

    Match 4

    Raw Womens Championship Match
    Ronda Rousey (c)
    Ruby Riott

    We saw footage in the pre-show from last night’s house show, and we saw it here again.

    Becky showed up during a match between Charlottte and Asuka, but she got beaten down by her Mania replacement, and Charlotte did a number on Becky’s injured knee.

    Speak of the devil, Charlotte made her way to the ring to watch this match. Charly asked her for more info on Vince putting her into the title match.

    Flair talked about beating Becky down last night, and said she had got herself suspended looking for the fans approval which she craved.

    Charlotte said she didn’t care what the fans thought because she KNEW she was the best in the WWE.

    She clearly learned her promo delivery from her dad, because it’s so 80′s it almost hurts.

    Just in case you see a picture of Ronda tonight and wonder what the hell she’s wearing, she’s come cosplaying as Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat, as she’ll be voicing her in MK11.

    I’ll be back when Ronda Rousey wins… err, I mean when we have a result.

    Well that lasted all of a minute.

    I feel bad for Ruby.

    Ronda hit her with Piper’s Pit then applied the Armbar for the Submission win.

    After the match Charlotte hopped into the ring and the Mania opponents squared off.

    Rousey started to look through Charlotte into the crowd though and we saw Becky Lynch hobbling to ringside on crutches.

    She walked through the timekeepers area and awkwardly dragged herself into the ring and to her feet.

    I smell a work…

    Becky bobbled toward a gloating Charlotte and the fans chanted ‘She’s OK’.

    Sure enough Becky tossed a crutch at Charlotte then wore her out with the other one.

    Her knee seems fine.

    Becky turned her attention to Ronda, who picked up the other crutch and held it like she was in Game of Thrones.

    Becky signalled toward Charlotte and Ronda moved in on her with the crutch.

    Becky turned though, wrapping it around Ronda’s back.

    Bekcy beat both women to a pulp with her crutch then casually left with some help from Security.

    One of the shots bust open Ronda’s head pretty badly.

    Ronda Rousey wins by Submission and retains the Raw Womens Championship.

    Match 5

    No Disqualification Match
    Braun Strowman
    Baron Corbin

    This really should be a squash, but with an hour to go I think it might get 10-15 minutes or so.

    Let’s see I guess!

    Oh, at some point this bout became No DQ I guess, that gives Corbin a small chance of winning I suppose.

    Not sure what to make of this one.

    Corbin dominated a lot of the match thanks to using weapons, but Strowman eventually recovered.

    He put Corbin through a table with a Running Powerslam but before he could cover Drew McIntyre’s music hit and he walked out with a chair.

    Strowman was ready for him, but he wasn’t ready for Bobby Lashley who came through the crowd and attacked him with another chair.

    The pair beat Strowman down and Corbin told them to get the steps, much like when they smashed his elbow to bits a month or so ago.

    With the base of BOTH sets of steps in the ring the trio grabbed a couple of tables too…

    They stacked a couple of tables up next to the steps then dragged the big man into position.

    The Trio set up for a Shield Style Triple Powerbomb and put the giant through two tables.

    Corbin covered for the 3.

    Big win for Corbin, I didn’t see this happening, although if I’d known it was going to be No DQ I might have had a few quid on it.

    Is this a real faction now then?

    Baron Corbin wins by Pinfall.

    Segment 2

    It’s Not OK

    Back in the trainers room we saw Shane being checked out.

    Miz came in and said sorry, then snapped and said he was better than that and had let down his father, his wife and his tag partner.

    Miz started trashing the place, so Shane told him to go home.

    Back at ringside Lacey Evans music hit.

    She walked out, down to the bottom of the ramp, then turned around and walked back up an to the back.

    Anyone searching for the definition of pointless, there you go..

    Main Event Match

    WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
    A.J Styles
    Daniel Bryan (c)
    Jeff Hardy
    Randy Orton
    Samoa Joe
    Kofi Kingston

    Here we are, the big one!

    Kofi is out first, so he’s going into one of the pods.

    Jeff is next, another pod dweller, we know Orton has a pod so that only leaves one person safe when the opening bell rings…

    A.J takes the last pod, which means Bryan and Samoa Joe will be kicking off for us!

    I’ll be back when we have an entry or an elimination!

    During his entrance Bryan ranted about how the fans had become the authority in the WWE and he had been treated unfairly due to being put in both the gauntlet and tonight’s matches first.

    Officials removed Rowan from his side, angering him further.

    He said he didn’t want to become a martyr but the fans still needed him, and the planet still needed him, which meant there was still hope he’d leave the Chamber with the belt.

    Just out of curiosity I looked to see if they made a replica of Bryan’s title yet, the answer is No.

    I mean I can’t imagine who would buy it, and I can’t imagine it would cost a whole lot either, but the longer they don’t put out a replica the more likely it’s going to be a belt only he uses.

    I think they learned their lesson with the Rated R Belt, because they still have unsold replicas of that and it’s been about 10 years.

    First clock is up…

    Here comes… Kofi Kingston!

    Wow, Kofi is going to have to go the distance again if he’s to win here.

    Bryan chose to hide out on top of Kofi’s empty pod, but Kingston chased him.

    The pair started a game of cat and mouse across the steel mesh, but Joe intercepted them.

    He dragged Bryan to the floor, but Kofi shook him free then hurled himself off the cage down onto Joe and Bryan.

    Another clock…

    It’s A.J Styles this time!

    He wasted no time getting an elimination either!

    Joe is gone!

    Elimination : Samoa Joe is eliminated.

    I can’t say I’m surprised, just a bit disappointed.

    Jeff Hardy’s in!

    He’s up on a Pod already! Swanton to A.J draped across the top rope.

    Wait, Bryan with the Double Knee! 1..2..3!

    Elimination : Jeff Hardy is eliminated.

    I thought Jeff might last a bit longer than that, but oh well.

    Here comes the Viper! We’ve got a full house now.

    Style is gone!

    He went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Orton caught him with an RKO that got the 3.

    Elimination : Samoa Joe is eliminated.

    Wait, what?!

    Elimination :Randy Orton is eliminated.

    Kofi reversed Orton’s attack and hit a finisher of his own to get an unexpected 3!

    It’s going to be Bryan or Kofi!

    DB utilises a bit of limb targeting, going after Kofi’s injured leg, but Kingston powers through.

    SOS! 1..2… no, Bryan kicks out!

    The PPV is now officially running over, so we can’t be far away from a result!

    The fans are MASSIVELY behind Kofi now, I think they’re in for some disappointment though, he’s getting too many near falls.

    Kingston just went for god knows what on the outside, only to go crashing feet first into the wall of one of the pods.

    Bryan is setting him up… Running Knee!

    1..2.. NO! Kofi kicks out!

    I thought that was it for sure!

    Bryan has Kofi’s arms, he’s stomping on Kingston’s head, this is brutal… but Kofi kicks out again!

    Trouble in Paradise! 1..2.. Bryan reverses! 1..2.. Kofi escapes.

    LeBelle Lock!

    Kofi is in trouble, the fans are trying to will him on…

    He made it to the ropes and for some reason Bryan broke the hold, even though he didn’t need to.

    The fans are chanting ‘This is Awesome’ and I have to agree.

    I don’t recall a crowd being this pumped up in a long time.

    Both men are fighting on top of one of the pods now, this has to be the beginning of the end…

    Kofi is going for a Suplex…

    Bryan turns it around…

    It’s Kofi’s turn to block it this time and he battles Bryan back down onto the turnbuckle.

    Bryan falls back to the canvas, is this it?

    Kofi goes for the big one…but Bryan moves.

    Double Kees! 1..2..3.

    What a match.

    Wow, that sucked the air right out of the crowd too, it has fallen completely silent.

    Bryan has headed up the ramp with Rowan, and now New Day are here to help Kofi to his feet.

    Thank You Kofi ringing around the arena.

    That looks to be about it for tonight! Thanks for joining us guys!

    Daniel Bryan wins by Pinfall and retains the WWE Championship.


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